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Creators:Bircken-Faridi, Alexandra

This was my third solo exhibition, the second with BQ Gallery in Germany. I showed 17 pieces that concentrated on natural forms, either abstract or relating to the landscape in which I explored ideas relating to personification, the plastic and the monolith. Some pieces were site-specific to the gallery space. The exhibition showcased my ongoing investigation into surfaces and three-dimensional forms. Working in wool, textiles, concrete, plaster and leather (to name a few) I built up a lexicon of materials and references.

The exhibition title, Klotze, translates as big lump, and much of the work was in plaster. I aimed to represent the idea of architecture and of environment but only as a sort of index rather than a real representation. This work developed my ongoing interest in hybrid forms that teetered between representation and abstraction, and interiority and exteriority. Using 'hard' rather than ‘soft’ materials I used a rough 'outside' texture, like mortar walls on the outside of houses, or a mix of stones and mortar. In one piece I juxtaposed a rough ‘outside’ surface of stones and mortar with the ideas of interiority and miniaturization through the metaphor of the snail.

A 25-page gallery catalogue accompanying the show illustrates my work photographically.

Type of Research:Show/Exhibition
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Colleges > Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Date:02 September 2006
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