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Ayers, Alain (2004) Marks in Space: Drawing and Sculptural Form. [Show/Exhibition]

Ayers, Alain (2005) Temporary Site Works. [Art/Design Item]

Astfalck, Jivan (2007) Narrative structures in body-related craft objects. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Askham, Karen (2009) Art for l’aquila. [Show/Exhibition]

Ashton, Edwina (2006) Do Mice Think in Italian? [Art/Design Item]

Asbury, Michael and Tatchell, Nick (2009) The 28th Bienal de Sâo Paulo: a post-mortem discussion. In: The 28th Bienal de Sâo Paulo: a post-mortem discussion, 27/01/09, Chelsea Lecture Theatre.

Asbury, Michael and Tatchell, Nick (2011) TrAIN Open Lecture | Inti Guerrero : Flavio de Carvalho and his City for the Naked Man. In: TrAIN Open Lecture | Inti Guerrero : Flavio de Carvalho and his City for the Naked Man, 09/02/2012, Lecture Theatre, Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Asbury, Michael and Tatchell, Nick (2008) TrAIN Open Lecture: Cildo Meireles. In: TrAIn Open Lecture: Cildo Meireles, 21/10/08, Chelsea Lecture Theatre.

Asbury, Michael (2009) Anna Maria Maiolino: Order and Subjectivity. In: Anna Maria Maiolino: Order and Subjectivity. Pharos Publishers, Nicosia, Cyprus. ISBN 9789963919956

Asbury, Michael (2006) Antonio Manuel: Occupations/Discoveries. In: Antonio Manuel. Pharos Trust, Nicosia, Cyprus, pp. 20-51. ISBN 9963919901

Asbury, Michael (2003) Tracing Hybrid Strategies in Brazilian Modern Art. In: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Painting. Tate Gallery Liverpool and University of Liverpool Press, Liverpool, pp. 139-170. ISBN 0853239584

Aronsohn, David (2010) Scenes from a family history. [Show/Exhibition]

Arnold, Ken and Albano, Caterina and Wallace, Marina (2002) Head On: Art with the Brain in Mind. [Show/Exhibition]

Allsop, Douglas (2006) Binnen/Buiten. [Show/Exhibition]

Allsop, Douglas (2004) Nine Reflective Editors. [Show/Exhibition]

Allsop, Douglas (2006) Solo Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Albano, Caterina and Bell, David and Perelberg, Rosine Jozef and Kleimberg, Leon and Birksted Breen, Dana and Bott Spillius, Elizabeth and Bronstein, Catalina and Abram, Jan and Fonagy, Peter and Parsons, Michael (2010) Psychoanalysis: the unconscious in everyday life. Artakt Ltd and The Institute of Psychoanalysis, London. ISBN 9780954241629

Albano, Caterina (2010) Considerations of representability: an exhibition on psychoanalysis. In: Psychoanalysis: The Unconcious in Everyday Life. Artakt Ltd and The Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, pp. 9-22. ISBN 9780954241629

Albano, Caterina (2008) Crossing Over: Exchanges in Art & Biotechnologies. Artakt, UK. ISBN 9780954241612

Albano, Caterina (2008) Crossing Over: Exchanges in Art & Biotechnologies. [Show/Exhibition]

Albano, Caterina (2008) Crossing over: exchanges in art and biotechnologies. [Show/Exhibition]

Albano, Caterina (2011) Exploring the invisible. In: Exploring the Invisible, 4th November 2010, The Royal Institute of Great Britain, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Albano, Caterina (2012) Fear and art in the contemporary world. Reaktion Books, London. ISBN 9781780230191

Albano, Caterina (2008) Uncanny: a dimension of contemporary art. ESSE arts and opinions, Fear 2 (62). pp. 4-11. ISSN 7176-0670

Al-Ani, Jananne and Withers, Rachel (2011) Interview with Jananne Al-Ani. RES (7). ISSN 978-605-5815-11-0 (In Press)

Al-Ani, Jananne and Withers, Rachel (2010) Making the Cut - Jananne Al-Ani. UNSPECIFIED.

Al-Ani, Jananne and Rendell, Jane (2011) Site-writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism. In: Site-writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism. IB Tauris, London. ISBN 9781845119997

Al-Ani, Jananne and Pereira, Sharmini, Abraaj Capital (2011) Footnote to a Project. In: Footnotes to a Project. Abraaj Capital, Dubai, UAE, pp. 105-207. ISBN 9780956070456

Al-Ani, Jananne and Ayad, Myrna, Canvas Magazine (2010) Look and You Shall Find - Jananne Al-Ani. Canvas Magazine, 6 (3). pp. 132-141. ISSN 1814-7062

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) 18th Biennale of Sydney 2012. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2011) Abraaj Capital Art Prize Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) The Aesthetics of Disappearance: A Land Without People. In: A Fluid Resilience, 4th of June 2010, La Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, Italy.

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) The Aesthetics of Disappearance: A Land Without People. In: March Meeting 2010 - A Focus on Upcoming Projects, 13th - 15th March 2010, Multaqa Al Qasba, Sharjah, UAE. (Unpublished)

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) The Aesthetics of Disappearance: A Land Without People. In: Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics and Ethics, 3rd-5th of December 2010, UCL, London. (Unpublished)

Al-Ani, Jananne, Pia Getty Films (2011) Axis of Light: Contemporary Art from the Arab World and Iran. [Art/Design Item]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) The Disappearing Body. In: Photographic Portraiture ­ Transgressive and Transformative Potentials, November 5th 2010, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. (Unpublished)

Al-Ani, Jananne (2011) The Future of a Promise. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) Jananne Al-Ani: solo show. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) Moving Portraits - Artists' Films: People & Places. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) Shadow Sites I. [Art/Design Item]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2011) Shadow Sites II. [Art/Design Item]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2012) Shadow Sites: Recent Work by Jananne Al-Ani. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2010) Solo Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2011) Women War Artists. [Show/Exhibition]

Adam, Grace (2014) Fifty. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) John Flaxman's Hands. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) Kind Words. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) A Kind of Ladder. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) Modes of Remembrance (catalogue). [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) One Hundred Hassocks. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) Philip Audinet, Engraver. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) Seven Dials Lives. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) A Wreath. [Art/Design Item]

Ackling, Roger and Long, Richard (2006) 1 + 1 = 2. [Show/Exhibition]

Ackling, Roger (2004) Reason to Believe. [Show/Exhibition]

Ackling, Roger (2001) Sun Lines. [Show/Exhibition]

Ackling, Roger (2003) Things of August. [Show/Exhibition]


Bruton, Jo (2005) Capitaine Can-Can. [Art/Design Item]

Bruton, Jo (2002) "Walk slowly towards the light". [Show/Exhibition]

Brew, Angie and Kantrowitz, A. and Fava, M. (2013) Drawing Connections: new directions in drawing and cognition research. Tracey: drawing and visualisation research. ISSN 17423570 (In Press)

Boyce, Sonia and Karikis, Mikhail (2007) For You, Only You. [Performance]

Boyce, Sonia (2004) Sonia Boyce: New and Recent Works. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowditch, Isobel (2006) The First Cut; the locus of decision at the limits of subjectivity. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Boggon, Anna (2015) Crouching Man. [Show/Exhibition]

Boggon, Anna (2014) Enclosure. [Show/Exhibition]

Biswas, Sutapa (2004) Birdsong (Solo Exhibition including 2 new major film installations and 30 drawings). [Show/Exhibition]

Biswas, Sutapa (2004) Birdsong (film installation). [Art/Design Item]

Biswas, Sutapa (2006) Magnesium Dreams - PICA. [Performance]

Biswas, Sutapa (2002) Untitled (The Trials and Tribulations of Mickey Baker)(1997, Re-edited and re-authored 2002 for Tate Modern). [Show/Exhibition]

Bircken-Faridi, Alexandra (2005) Klotz, Spaceman, Gebilde and Baumhaus/Neonberg. [Art/Design Item]

Bircken-Faridi, Alexandra (2006) Klotze. [Show/Exhibition]

Bircken-Faridi, Alexandra (2006) Zusammenhang, Gelande and Frau mit Kopftuch. [Art/Design Item]

Bick, Andrew and Sam, Sherman and Gisbourne, Mark (2002) Sight Mapping. [Show/Exhibition]

Bick, Andrew and Bier, Rolf and Sam, Sherman (2003) Gloom and Variant. [Show/Exhibition]

Bick, Andrew (2005) Memory Club. [Show/Exhibition]

Biagioli, Monica and Reed, Brian (2012) Sound proof 5. [Show/Exhibition] (Unpublished)

Biagioli, Monica and Penfold, Julie, BAR projects (2010) Sound proof 3. [Show/Exhibition]

Biagioli, Monica (2013) Becoming the Olympics: The Sound Proof series of exhibition (2008-2012). In: Heritage Architecture LanDesign conference, 13-15 June 2013, Capri, Italy.

Biagioli, Monica (2014) Fine art installations: Expressions of cultural identity and catalysts for intuitive business models. In: The 7th Art of Management and Organization Conference, 28 - 31 August 2014, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Biagioli, Monica (2014) Modelling the organic: Case study for the cultural value of vernacular forms of art production. In: Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories, 28 to 30 May 2014, Coimbra, Portugal.

Biagioli, Monica (2011) Residency at Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (MACBA); Guest Researcher at the Study Center. UNSPECIFIED.

Biagioli, Monica (2010) Route Service Interruption. The Jepma Effect. [Art/Design Item]

Biagioli, Monica (2008) Sound proof 1. [Show/Exhibition]

Biagioli, Monica, BAR projects (2009) Sound proof 2. [Show/Exhibition]

Biagioli, Monica (2011) Sound proof 4. [Show/Exhibition]

Biagioli, Monica (2012) Speak through. [Show/Exhibition]

Biagioli, Monica (2014) The Talayots of Mallorca: Fine art activity in support of cultural heritage. In: 2nd Annual Centre for Culture and Cultural Studies (CCCS) Conference. Media: Theory and Practice, 4-6 September 2014, Skopje, Macedonia.

Bevan, Paul (2016) In Superposition. [Show/Exhibition]

Bernice, Donszelmann (2015) Descriptor. [Show/Exhibition]

Bergvall, Caroline (2010) ICFAR PhD Master classes, Caroline Bergvall. [Art/Design Item]

Berge, Kjetil (2013) VESTLANDSUTSTILLINGEN 2013 tegnNEARFAR drawNEARFAR. [Show/Exhibition]

Behr, Bernd (2014) Akeley in the Elephant Skull. [Art/Design Item]

Behr, Bernd (2007) Amoy Gardens. [Show/Exhibition]

Behr, Bernd (2010) COMMA 17. [Show/Exhibition]

Behr, Bernd (2013) Chronotopia. [Art/Design Item]

Behr, Bernd (2010) Weimar Villa (Unreconstructed). [Art/Design Item]

Baseman, Jordan (2011) Moving portraits. [Show/Exhibition]

Bartlett, Voon Pow (2008) Spectacle as Myth: Guanxi, the relational and the urban quotidian in contemporary Chinese art (2005-2008). PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Barnet, SE and Čavić, Ana and Minkin, Louisa and Morfill, Sally (2016) Almost Writing. In: Drawing and Other Writing. The Everyday Press, London. ISBN 978-0-9933728-0-3

Bannerman, Margot C. (2014) And another thing. [Show/Exhibition]

Bannerman, Margot C. (2013) TREELINE. [Show/Exhibition]

Bailey, Paul and Wiersma, Yeb, Vulpes Vulpes (2014) Let's Go Out! Composition #2. [Show/Exhibition]

Baddeley, Oriana (2005) Reflecting on Kahlo: Mirrors, Masquerade and the Politics of Identification. In: Frida Kahlo. Tate Publishing, London, pp. 47-53. ISBN 9781854375674

Baddeley, Oriana (2007) Teresa Margolles and the Pathology of Everyday Death. Dardo, 5. pp. 60-81. ISSN 18860893


Cuthbert, Vanessa (2010) The Windhorse Project. [Show/Exhibition]

Cussans, John (2010) Invisible Mirrors video work and Tele Geto Poster. [Show/Exhibition]

Cummings, Neil and Bradfield, Marsha and Szreder, Kuba and Wilder, Ken and Michaela, Ross and Warner, Ewelina and Metod, Blejec and Schwager, Scott and Robin, Bhattacharya and White, Neal and Cremona, Cinzia and Steierhoffer, Eszter and Hasegawa, Takako, Critical practice, Chelsea College of Art and Design (2010) Parade: public modes of assembly and forms of address. UNSPECIFIED.

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2010) Chapter in, 'Curating and the Educational Turn: II'. In: Curating and the Educational Turn. Open Editions/de Appel, London/Amsterdam. ISBN 9780949004185

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2009) Cornford & Cross. Black Dog. ISBN 9781906155698

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2004) 'How Buildings Learn' and 'Civilization and its Discontents'. [Show/Exhibition]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2003) Inside Outside. Third Text, 18 (6). pp. 657-665. ISSN 09528822

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2008) The Lion and the Unicorn. [Show/Exhibition]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2008) The Once and Future King. [Art/Design Item]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2005) Unrealised: Projects 1997 - 2002. In: New Practices, New Pedagogies: A Reader. Innovations in Art and Design . Routledge, London, pp. 53-61. ISBN 9780415366182

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2005) Where is the Work? [Show/Exhibition]

Cross, David (2014) Black Narcissus. [Art/Design Item]

Cross, David (2010) Bonjour tristesse. Field, 4. pp. 135-147. ISSN 1755-0068

Cross, David (2013) Bonjour tristesse. In: Relational Architectural Ecologies: Architecture, Nature and Subjectivity. Routledge, pp. 109-126. ISBN 9780415508582

Creamer, Anne-Marie and Sullivan, Lesley G. (2015) Pirandello’s Unrealized Film, Treatment for Six Characters: An Interview with Film Director and Artist Anne-Marie Creamer. Pirandello Society Annual journal (PSA), XXVII. pp. 101-115. ISSN 1042-4823

Creamer, Anne-Marie (2015) The Dilemmas of Adaptation: Making Treatment for Six Characters. Pirandello Studies, 35. pp. 106-115. ISSN 1471-9363 (In Press)

Creamer, Anne-Marie (2013) Meeting the Pied Piper in Brasov. [Show/Exhibition]

Creamer, Anne-Marie (2015) The Passing of the Keepers of Salento: a memorial to obsolescence. In: Moving Landscape. Progetto GAP, Italy.

Cottell, Fran (2013) Contemporary Art Society: Damn braces: Bless relaxes. [Show/Exhibition]

Corby, Thomas James Patrick (2000) The disappearing frame: a practice-based investigation into composing virtual environment artworks. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Cooper, Stephen and Dawson, Ian and Minkin, Louisa (2015) Chalk. [Show/Exhibition]

Cook, Siân (1998) General Idea: Infiltrate, infect and mutate. Eye: The international Journal of Graphic Design, 8 (30). pp. 26-35. ISSN 0960779X

Cologni, Elena (2004) The artist's performative practice within the anti-ocularcentric discourse. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Collins, Jane (2012) Embodied Presence and Dislocated Spaces: Playing the Audience in Ten Thousand Several Doors in a Promenade, Site-specific Performance of John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi. In: Performing Site-Specific Theatre: Politics, Place, Practice. Palgrave Performance Interventions . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, Hampshire, U.K., pp. 54-68. ISBN 9780230364066

Cole, Sarah and Mackey, Sally (2014) Home Fit for Heroes? Performing Carer Landscapes. In: Theatre and Performance Research Association, 3-5 September 2014, Royal Holloway University, Egham.

Cole, Sarah and Eggebert, Anne (2010) Flights of fancy … the suburban Essex landscape. In: Emerging Landscapes, 25-27 June 2010, London, UK.

Cole, Sarah and Eggebert, Anne (2009) Folly. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah and Eggebert, Anne (2010) Folly - representation of the performing body in the (new) historic landscape. In: Theatre Applications, 21-23 April 2010, London, UK.

Cole, Sarah and Eggebert, Anne (2013) Weekly Returns. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah and Cresser, Karl (2004) Home. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah and Boyce, Sonia (2013) Gulp. In: On Not Knowing: How Artists Think. Black Dog Publishing. ISBN 9781908966292

Cole, Sarah (2011) Articulating Value: finding a common language between artists and our worlds of practice. In: Socially Engaged Arts Practice and New Model Visual Arts Organisations: a Trailblazer Symposium, 23 March 2011, Liverpool, UK.

Cole, Sarah (2013) Care Full. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah (2014) Care Package. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah (2011) Encounters in the Field: Horses, Birds, Buildings and Babes. Engage, 27. ISSN 1365-9383

Cole, Sarah (2010) Flying Buoys and Fat Girl’s Parlour. Shaping Sculpture, open publication 03 (03). pp. 3-4.

Cole, Sarah (2003) Horses for Courses. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah (2004) Horses for Courses. In: site / sight - source / resource, 11-12 September 2004, Exeter University.

Cole, Sarah (2011) The Imagination of Children. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah (2014) In-Kind. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah, Mark Storor, Julian Walker, Jules Maxwell, Rachel Anderson, Helen Lowe, Siobhan O'Neill (2008) NEST. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah (2015) Reflecting In Kind. In: Public Wisdom Symposium 2015: Ageing, Creativity and the Public Realm, 26th March 2015, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL.

Cole, Sarah (2014) Slight Discrepancy. [Performance]

Cole, Sarah, Coram Young Parents Project, Jules Maxwell, Jonathan Woolf Architects, The Foundling Museum (2010) Smother. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah (2014) Social Arts Practice and Mental Health. In: Anxious Practices, 12th June 2014, Chelsea College of Art & Design, 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU.

Cole, Sarah (2007) State of Play. [Show/Exhibition]

Cole, Sarah (2013) Tribe. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul and Rauch, Barbara (2002) Digital responses. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul and Farthing, Stephen (2011) Drawing: interpretation/translation. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul, Metasenta (2010) Analogy colour tone and tint. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2002) Case studies. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2013) Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2014) Charms and Other Anxious Objects. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2011) Christiane Baumgartner: between states. Art In Print, 1 (1). pp. 2-7.

Coldwell, Paul (2010) In exciting times. Printmaking Today, 19 (3). pp. 9-11. ISSN 09609253

Coldwell, Paul (2010) Interior spaces. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul, Imprint (2011) International graphic arts triennial. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2015) Material Things: Sculpture and Prints. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2012) Matrix, meaning and the specificity of site: the floor cuts of Thomas Kilpper. Print Quarterly, XXIX (4). pp. 396-405. ISSN 0265-8305

Coldwell, Paul (2013) The Poster - Public and Private Sites. In: The poster - a medium between art and commerce, 24-25 May 2013, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria.

Coldwell, Paul (2015) Print, making and the work of art alone. In: SNAP3 3rd International Printmaking Symposium, 12-15 November 2015, Bentlage, Rheine, Germany.

Coldwell, Paul (2016) Print, making and the work of art alone. In: SNAP 2015. Edition & Verlag Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany, pp. 14-19. ISBN 978-3-939812-45-6

Coldwell, Paul (2010) Printmaking: a contemporary perspective. Black Dog Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9781906155438

Coldwell, Paul (2011) Series and sequence: the fine art print folio and artist's book as sites of inquiry. In: College Art Association 2011 Annual Conference, 09th February 2011, New York, USA. (Unpublished)

Coldwell, Paul (2011) With the melting of the snows. [Art/Design Item]

Coldwell, Paul (2010) The impact of new technology on printmaking. Imprint: The Journal of the Print Council of Australia, 45 (4). pp. 18-19. ISSN 03133907

Cohen, Nathan (2001) Form and Vision. [Show/Exhibition]

Cohen, Nathan (2004) Recent Work. [Show/Exhibition]

Cohen, Nathan (2004) Retrospective 1984-2004. [Show/Exhibition]

Cohen, Nathan (2003) Terra Ercolana. [Art/Design Item]

Cobbing, William (2004) Eating My Teeth. [Art/Design Item]

Clegg, Richard (2007) Abbey Rome Fellowship (exhibition). [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh (2014) Ex-Factory, Stoke-on-Trent. [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh (2010) Heads of state. [Art/Design Item]

Clarke, Leigh (2015) A Higher Cannibalism. [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh (2014) PIGDOGANDMONKEYFESTOS. [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh (2013) Savile Row posters and performance. [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh, The Solo Project (2011) Solo projects. [Art/Design Item]

Chorpening, Kelly (2012) Site-seeing from left to right. [Show/Exhibition]

Chesher, Andrew (2007) Changing the System. [Art/Design Item]

Chesher, Andrew (2006) Seeing in the Dark. [Art/Design Item]

Chesher, Andrew (2014) Showing the Concealed as Concealed: on phenomenology and walking as art. In: The 64th Congress of Phenomenology, The World Institute of Phenomenology, 1-3 October, 2014, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy.

Cherry, Deborah and Tatchell, Nick (2008) TrAIN Conversation: Sebastian Lopez. In: TrAIN Conversation: Sebastian Lopez, 03/06/08.

Carter, Stephen and Eggebert, Anne and Seth, John, José Mari Herrera, José Antonio Liceranzu (2014) Urban Landscape and Memory. [Show/Exhibition]

Carter, Stephen (2011) Crossings: developing sustainability in the curriculum research report. Project Report. Sustainable Arts, University of the Arts, London, London, UK.

Carter, Stephen (2014) Edgware Road Underpass South. [Art/Design Item]

Carter, Stephen (2014) Guitar Breasts. [Show/Exhibition]

Carter, Stephen (2010) Line of vision: new paintings by Stephen Carter. [Show/Exhibition]

Carter, Stephen (2010) London calling. [Show/Exhibition]

Carter, Stephen (2012) Reading between the Lines. [Show/Exhibition]

Carter, Stephen, Riverside Artists Group (2010) Voices from London. [Show/Exhibition]

Carter, Stephen, Riverside Artists Group (2010) Works on canvas. [Show/Exhibition]

Carruthers, Beverely and Leister, Wiebke and Teichmann, Esther (2015) The Skin of the Image. Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary Research Hub, UAL, London.

Carlyle, Angus (2010) Sound Escapes Presentation. In: Beyond The Academy: Research As Exhibition, 14th May 2010, Tate Britain. (Unpublished)

Cardew, Cornelius (2009) ICFAR From Scratch, 'Treatise'. [Art/Design Item]

Campbell, Barbara (2008) ICFAR PhD Workshops, Barbara Campbell. [Art/Design Item]

Cairns, Jon (2012) “Ambivalent Intimacies: Performance and Domestic Photography in the Work of Adrian Howells”. Contemporary Theatre Review, 22 (3). pp. 355-371. ISSN 1048-6801, 1477-2264

Cairns, Jon (2012) Ambivalent intimacies: performance and domestic photography in the work of Adrian Howells. Contemporary Theatre Review, 22 (3). ISSN 1048-6801, 1477-2264

Cairns, Jon (2014) “Feeling My Way: Art and the Intimate Encounter”. In: Intimacy Unguarded: Autobiography, Biography, Memoir, Central Saint Martins.

Cairns, Jon, TrAIN Research Centre, TrAIN Photography Forum, University of the Arts London (2010) Intimate trouble: the domestic snap in performance. In: Photographic Portraiture – Transgressive and Transformative Potentials, London, UK.

Cairns, Jon (2016) My Audiences with Adrian: Performance, Photography and Writing the Intimate Encounter. In: It’s All Allowed: The Performance Works of Adrian Howells. Intellect Live . Live Art Development Agency / Intellect. (In Press)

Cairns, Jon (2010) My audience with Adrienne. In: Performing Intimacy, 20th May 2010, Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London.

Cairns, Jon (2010) Public intimacies: my audiences with Adrienne. In: Performance Studies International, 9-13 June 2010, Toronto, Ontario.


Dunhill, Mark and O’Brien, Tamiko (2012) Stone Appreciation 2. [Show/Exhibition]

Dunhill, Mark and O'Brien, Tamiko (2003) Examples in Sculpture. [Show/Exhibition]

Dunhill, Mark and O'Brien, Tamiko (2014) New Japanese Object. [Art/Design Item]

Doron, Itai and Perry, Martin (2010) Spotlight: Itai Doron, photographer, London UK. Out There, 2. pp. 12-17. ISSN 20439210

Doron, Itai and Beard, Jason (2011) Chokras' Mahal. Other Criteria, London. ISBN 9781904212478

Doron, Itai (2010) Keep me posted. [Show/Exhibition]

Doron, Itai (2012) Portrait of Miroslav Stoykov in The World in London exhibition. [Art/Design Item]

Donszelmann, Bernice and Maclean, Mary and Renshaw, Tim (2012) One and One and One, part 1. [Show/Exhibition]

Donszelmann, Bernice and Hall, Sharon and Ryan, David and Smith, Donald (2006) Transfer. [Show/Exhibition]

Donszelmann, Bernice, Outside Architecture (2010) Architectural fictions: audition for a wall and passage. [Show/Exhibition]

Donszelmann, Bernice (2015) Art College and the Postcolonial Encounter: Student diversity within the 'sociality' of learning. In: Towards an Inclusive Arts Education. IOE Press, London, pp. 97-118. ISBN 978-1-85856-654-2

Donszelmann, Bernice (2011) Facing Cinecitta. Black Magazine, 2 (2). pp. 4-7. ISSN 2042-4485

Donszelmann, Bernice, Outside Architecture (2012) One and one and one, Part 1. [Show/Exhibition]

Donszelmann, Bernice (2012) Semper’s wall: figuring ground. In: Painting with architecture in mind. Wunderkammer Press, Bath, UK. ISBN 9780956646217

Donszelmann, Bernice (2015) Touch Screen. Journal of Contemporary Painting, 1 (1). pp. 55-64. ISSN 2052-6695

Donszelmann, Bernice (2004) Untitled (Hinge). [Art/Design Item]

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Based on a true story. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Darkside II: power and violence, disease and death photographed. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2008) Figuring landscapes. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Fleet: art in the haven ports. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2008) In the society of London ladies. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2008) Limited. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Now you see it. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Peeping Tom. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2001) Sarah Dobai. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2008) Sarah Dobai: new photographs and a film. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Splitting in two. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Splitting in two. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Studio/location photographs. [Art/Design Item]

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Theatres of the real. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2011) A fire in the masters house is set. [Show/Exhibition]

Diplexcito, Nelson (2011) Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Diplexcito, Nelson (2011) Nelson Diplexcito: paintings. [Show/Exhibition]

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