Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research are two dynamic and controversial zones in between scientific research and artistic creation.


The 1st Conference took place in Barcelona 2013, the 2nd in Granada 2014, the 3rd in Porto 2015 and the 4th in Helsinki 2016.

The 5th Conference will take place in TATE Liverpool 2018


The format of participation facilitates the opportunity to interact in an open and horizontal way during all the activities and projects/presentations.


(a) To debate new perspectives in Arts-Based Research and Artistic Research.
(b) To explore the intersections between qualitative and arts based research methodologies.
(c) To identify epistemological and institutional problems inside and outside the academy.

Abstract submission deadline:

December 10, 2017


Authors notified of acceptance:
December 15, 2017

Submission of
Full Papers / Projects:
February 20, 2018


Welcome, March 13, 2018 at 16:00h, TATE Exchange.

Conversations, March 14-15, 2018, 10:10-17:45 h.  

 TATE Liverpool
Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4BB, UK

Organized by

PROVOKE Research Project, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

and HAR2016-76353-R Research project, Government of Spain.

University of Chester (UK), The University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), Concordia University (Montreal, Canada),

University of Lapland (Finland) and University of Granada (Spain).
Collaboration TATE Liverpool. 

  • Art-based action research: participatory method for decolonization in the North and the Arctic

    Timo Jokela
    University of Lapland (Finland)

  • Candy and Cake: Criticizing Finnish and Nordic Whiteness

    Mira Kallio-Tavin
    Aalto University (Finland)

  • Current Status and Possibility of A/r/tography in Asia: The Japanese and Chinese Context - A Session of "Re-thinking Writing and Graphy in Art Education"

    Koichi Kasahara /Tokyo Gakugei University(Japan)
    Jun Hu / Hangzhou Normal University (China

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  • Something in ‘Nothing’: The Generativity of Negative Space

    Natalie LeBlanc and Alison Shields
    The University of British Columbia (Canada)

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  • Exploring European citizenship through contemporary art and blogging

    Annamari Manninen
    University of Lapland (Finland)

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  • A classroom is a space of desires.
    Social A/r/tography: Visual projects in schools in the margins of Tegucigalpa.

    Ricardo Marín-Viadel, Joaquin Roldan and Alicia Arias-Camisón-Coello
    University of Granada (Spain)

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  • The role played by artistic production in the structure of research and its repercussions in determining the type of research presented

    María Martínez Morales and Antonio Félix Vico Prieto
    University of Jaen (Spain)

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  • Gnoseology of the artistic research process and its transference

    María-Isabel Moreno-­Montoro and Martha-­Patricia Espíritu-­Zavalza
    University of Jaen (Spain)

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  • Touching, holding, diffracting, (re)presenting: being with data and place

    Louise Gwenneth Phillips
    The University of Queensland (Australia)

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  • Repetition and the random in the process of engraving: thinking the idea.

    Paloma Palau-Pellicer and María Avariento
    University Jaume I of Castellón (Spain)

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  • The (queer) struggle of Pakistan: artistic modes of resistance and dialogue

    Abdullah Qureshi
    Aalto University (Finland)

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  • Video mapping and Virtual Reality:
    A Visual A/r/tography in contemporary art museums.

    Joaquín Roldán, Rocío Lara-Osuna y Antonio González-de-la-Torre
    University of Granada (Spain)

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  • Becoming Listening Bodies: Sound walking as a pedagogy of sensation

    David Rousell, Michael Gallagher and Mark Wright.
     Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

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  • Title: From Female Body, Identity and Representation to the Contemporary Art Life of women after migration in Finland: A Dream That Came True?

    Sepideh Sadatizarrini (Rahaa) and Mira Kallio-Tavin
    Aalto University (Finland)

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  • The meddlesome poetics: A|r|t|ography as a pedagogical practice in Basic Education in Brazil

    Leísa Sasso
    University of Brasília (Brasil)

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  • ‘ma’ and the space in-between: A China-Canada pedagogical exchange

    Anita Sinner / Concordia University (Canada)
    Boyd White / McGill University (Canada)
    Jun Hu / Hangzhou Normal University (China)

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  • Brittle Star Intra-action: A/r/tographic Research and Diffractive Movement

    Michele Sorensen and Valerie Triggs
    University of Regina (Canada)

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  • Re/de/gendered arts-based research and art education collaboration

    Anniina Suominen and Tiina Pusa
    Aalto University (Finland)

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  • Worlds that can hardly hold up: Art and learning as ambivalent practices of study

    Laura Trafí-Prats
    Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

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  • OVERFLOWING UNIVERSITY: pulling the thread towards an embodied learning / caring relations on the fly...

    Judit Vidiella, Assumpta Bassas, Eva Marichalar-Freixa, Marta Ricart
    University of Barcelona (Spain)

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  • Tracing understandings: Developing research affinities through cartographic exploration

    Jennifer Wicks / University of Concordia (Canada)
    Sara Carrasco Segovia / University of Barcelona (Spain)

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The 5th Conference calls to postgraduate students, teachers, artist, professors and professionals in the arts, education and commiunity and social institutions to present their Arts Based Research and Artistic Research projects.

THEMES. The themes and research focus areas are open to any proposals inside ABR&AR. The following topics are suggested:
- Research Contexts: Bridging the gap between educational, academic and artistic institutions
- A/r/tography and other methodological approaches in Ph.D. programms
- Arts-Based Research & Artistic Research based on Arts education and teacher’s training.
- Social networks in Arts Based Research & Artistic Research.



The full papers for the 5th AR&ABR Conference TATE Liverpool have to follow the next recommendations:
-         File format PDF.
-         Maximum size 20 Mb.
-         Date: before February 20, 2018.
-         email:
As a general rule, especially for References, follow APA standards.
The Written Text: minimum 1,000 words and maximum 4,000 words (including title, name of the authors, university, full text and references).
Visual Images: minimum 1 image and maximum 12 images. All images must be correctly identified with a caption: author, date, title and characteristics.
(Remember: For the debates in the 5th Conference there is no restriction on the copyrights of the visual images, but if the paper is selected for publication the authors must have all rights of reproduction of the images).


PAPERS AND PROJECTS. Contributions should include Arts Based forms of Research such as visual images, videos, performances, literary texts, music, sound files or any other artistic medium.

FEES.There are no registration fees.

PARTICIPATION. The participation in the 5th Conference is dependent on acceptance of a submitted abstract. All participants are responsible for handing in a full paper or project before February 20, 2018.

PUBLICATION. The final documents of the Conference will be published by the organizing universities in an electronic book.