Creative and Critical Curation at the Mostyn Gallery

Newly Appointed Curator Juliette Desorgues in a New Key Role

Curator Juliette Desorgues

Juliette Desorgues has just been appointed as the, Curator of Visual Arts at the Mostyn. One of Wales most prominent contemporary art galleries; the Mostyn has had a huge impact on the local community via: employment, tourism and investment and written into its core values, among various pledges are the appropriate themes of criticality and international significance, ‘Critically engaged and internationally significant contemporary art exhibitions’ (Mostyn Mission, Gallery website).

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Appropriate because Desorgues has a track record of combining difficult and prescient issues with an internationally diverse range of artists and locations. Exploring colonialism in, Warm Ties (2018) a show with Australian artist Helen Johnson, ‘Johnson was mindful of the ICA’s location on The Mall, close to the seat of power that served as the originary point of Australia’s colonisation’ (from the show Overveiw).

Provoking reflection on opulence and decadence off the coast of Monaco with Hypersea, ‘…the work of eight artists is brought together in dialogue and tension on a yacht moored in the port of Monaco, a site which becomes a prime symbol of today’s complex dystopian conditions’ (Hypersea, 2018).

This Future is Unthinkable

Most recently exploring and combining art practice with the philosophical concerns of Trebuchet favourite Timothy Morton (Object Orientated Ontology) in: – This future is unthinkable. Yet here we are, thinking it (2019). ‘A distant future, or past, is imagined, wrought with destruction and decay, ravaged by the effects of anthropocenic capitalism’ (From the show promotion). The show drawing together eleven contemporary artists in the Damien & The Love Guru gallery. This exciting appointment sees Desorgues working with Mostyn director Alfredo Cramerotti to increase the range, reputation and reach of the gallery Alfredo reflected,

‘I’m delighted that Juliette joins the team. She has an outstanding curatorial vision and brings a wealth of institutional experience with her. As Curator of Visual Arts at MOSTYN, she will be a key contributor to the UK and international contemporary art scene in the coming years, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of that work.’ Alfredo Cramerotti.

Eclectic Talents

Not simply a novel editorial talent Desorgues underpins her instincts for compelling practice and innovative theory. With a solid background in Art history having studied at the University of Edinburgh, University of Vienna and University College London. Further cementing her authority with experience of curatorial practice at the ICA the Barbican Art Gallery and London and Generali Foundation in Vienna. The potential for engaging with exciting art that challenges the audience is surely behind this appointment and as such it will be of interest to see how the tenure unfolds.

Trebuchet decided to put some pertinent questions to the savant and provocateur before she is overrun with shows, artists and the general paraphernalia of the post. Desorgues’s answers will be available soon.

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