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Items where Subject is "Materials Science"

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Manning, Andrew and Fricker, Anna and Thompson, Robert (2009) The anomalous effect of high-intensity ultrasound on paper fibre-filler combinations. Pigment & Resin Technology, 38 (4). pp. 218-229. ISSN 03699420


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Hornbuckle, Rosie (2016) 112: Textile Waste Samples. [Art/Design Item]

Daniels, Gabriela and Fazil, Zara and Mitropoulou, Ioanna and Tamburic, Slobodanka (2016) Effects of semi-permanent hair dyes and conditioning polymers on the colour enhancing properties of shampoo formulations. In: 29th IFSCC Congress, 31 October - 3 November 2016, Orlando, Florida.


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Sarvardi, Mattia and Daniels, Gabriela and Tamburic, Slobodanka and Muhammad, Umar Riaz and Benini, Sergio (2020) Figaro-tresses: a dataset for evaluating hair assembly features before and after cosmetic treatments (v2020).


Talukder, Md. Eman and Pervez, Md. Nahid and Jianming, Wang and Gao, Ziwei and Stylios, George K. and Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul and Song, Hongchen and Naddeo, Vincenzo (2021) Chitosan-functionalized sodium alginate-based electrospun nanofiber membrane for As (III) removal from aqueous solution. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9 (6). ISSN 2213-3437

Ribul, Miriam and Goldsworthy, Kate and Collet, Carole (2021) Material-Driven Textile Design (MDTD): A Methodology for Designing Circular Material-Driven Fabrication and Finishing Processes in the Materials Science Laboratory. Sustainability, 13 (3). ISSN 2071-1050

Hossain, Md. Yousuf and Zhu, Wenju and Pervez, Md. Nahid and Yang, Xiaojun and Sarker, Shamima and Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul and Ul Hoque, Md. Ikram and Naddeo, Vincenzo and Cai, Yingjie (2021) Adsorption, kinetics, and thermodynamic studies of cacao husk extracts in waterless sustainable dyeing of cotton fabric. Cellulose, 28. pp. 2521-2536. ISSN 1572-882X

Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul (2021) Energy-efficient dyeing of wool fabrics with sulfonic acid derivatives of aniline by oxidation polymerization. Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 29. ISSN 2214-9937


Lin, Lina and Jiang, Tiancheng and Liang, Yonghong and Pervez, Md. Nahid and Navik, Rahul and Gao, Bo and Cai, Yingjie and Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul and Kumari, Naveeta and Naddeo, Vincenzo (2022) Influence of Sequential Liquid Ammonia and Caustic Mercerization Pre-Treatment on Dyeing Performance of Knit Cotton Fabric. Materials, 15 (5). ISSN 1996-1944

Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul and Fowler, Ian J. (2022) Thermal, mechanical, and rheological properties of micro-fibrillated cellulose-reinforced starch foams crosslinked with polysiloxane-based cross-linking agents. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 205. pp. 55-65. ISSN 0141-8130

Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul (2022) Ag nanoparticles immobilized sulfonated polyethersulfone/polyethersulfone electrospun nanofiber membrane for the removal of heavy metals. Scientific Reports, 12 (5814). ISSN 2045-2322

Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul (2022) Single-step synthesis and energy-efficient coloration of wool textiles with poly(amino naphthalene sulfonic acid)-based dyes by oxidation polymerization. Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, 26. ISSN 2352-5541

Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul (2022) Sustainable dyeing of ramie fiber with ternary reactive dye mixtures in liquid ammonia. RSC Advances, 12. pp. 19253-19264. ISSN 2046-2069


Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul (2023) Valorization of Sulfonated Kraft Lignin as a Natural Dye for the Sustainable Dyeing of Wool Fabrics: Effect of Peroxide Oxidation. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 11 (37). pp. 13787-13797. ISSN 2168-0485


Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul and Gupta, Tanushree (2024) Colour and surface functional properties of wool fabrics coated with gallnut, feijoa skin, and mango seed kernel tannin-stabilised Ag nanoparticles. RSC Advances, 14. pp. 9678-9690. ISSN 2046-2069

Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul and Collie, Stewart and Brorens, Peter and Fowler, Ian (2024) Marine Biodegradation Behavior of Wool and Other Textile Fibers. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 235 (283). ISSN 1573-2932

Hassan, Mohammad Mahbubul (2024) Valorisation of sulphonated lignin as a dye for the sustainable colouration of wool fabric using sustainable mordanting agents: Enhanced colour yield, colourfastness, and functional properties. RSC Sustainability. ISSN 2753-8125

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