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Arnold, Ken and Albano, Caterina and Wallace, Marina (2002) Head On: Art with the Brain in Mind. [Show/Exhibition]


Tillotson, Jenny (2004) Smart Second Skin at NEMO, Amsterdam. [Show/Exhibition]


Tillotson, Jenny and Andre, Adeline (2005) 'Smart Second Skin'. [Art/Design Item]

Tillotson, Jenny (2005) Sensitive Shoes and Smart Second Skin at the V&A. [Show/Exhibition]


Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2012) Nature's Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art & Invention. [Show/Exhibition]

Collet, Carole (2012) BioLace: an exploration of the potential of synthetic biology and living technology for future textiles. Studies in Material Thinking, 7. ISSN 1177-6234


Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2013) Lucy + Jorge Orta, Potential Architecture. Damiani, Bologna, Italy. ISBN 9788862082907

Barnett, Heather (2013) The Liquidity of Knowledge: Learning across Disciplinary Divides. In: For the Love of Learning: Innovation from Outstanding University Teachers. Palgrave Teaching and Learning . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 11-20. ISBN 9781137334299


Todorova, Petya and Kurimo, Ritva and Grant-Ross, Peter and Tamburic, Slobodanka (2014) An in vivo comparative study on ageing skin: bio-mimetic versus traditional approach to skin moisturisation. In: IFSCC 2014, 28th Congress of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, 27-30 October 2014, Palais des Congrès de Paris, France.

Kesseler, Rob (2014) Medicago arborea. [Art/Design Item]

Kesseler, Rob (2014) MiPattern. [Show/Exhibition]

Hogan, Eileen (2014) "Of Green Leaf, Bird and Flower": Artists' Books and the Natural World. [Show/Exhibition]

Daniels, Gabriela and Katakami, Kristin and Grant-Ross, Peter and Tamburic, Slobodanka (2014) An ex vivo study of the effects of co-surfactants and conditioning additives on hair colour protection. In: IFSCC 2014, 28th Congress of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, 27-30 October 2014, Palais des Congrès de Paris, France.


Ekblom, Paul (2015) Terrorism - Lessons from Natural and Human Co-evolutionary Arms Races. In: Evolutionary Psychology and Terrorism. Political Violence . Routledge, London. ISBN 978-1-13-877458-2

Barnett, Heather (2015) Being Slime Mould: a participatory experiment exploring bodies of intelligence. In: Open Embodiments: Locating Somatechnics in Tucson, 15-18 April 2015, Tucson, Arizona.


Fairnington, Mark (2016) Collected and Possessed.

Barnett, Heather (2016) Menagerie of Microbes. [Show/Exhibition]

Barnett, Heather (2016) The Physarum Experiments (and Being Slime Mould). In: Collective Motion 2016: Math, biology, physics and engineering come together, 8-10 June 2016, Uppsala University, Sweden.


Collet, Carole (2017) Co-Designing with Natural Living Systems. In: Geographies of Fashion and Style, 18-12-2017, University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences.

Collet, Carole (2017) Mycelium Textiles: co-designing with ‘the living’. In: The Experiment, 27-05-2017, Shibuya Hikarie Hal, Tokyo, Japan.

Barnett, Heather and Strömbom, Daniel and Georgopoulou, Dimitra and Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Andreas and Yang, Liu and Colwyn, Julius and Wainstein, Kira and Phillips, Melanie and Harper, Jamie (2017) Crowd Control. [Show/Exhibition]


New, Betty and Daniels, Gabriela and Gummer, C.L. (2018) Measuring the frequency of consumer hair combing and magnitude of combing forces on individual hairs in a tress and the implications for product evaluation and claims substantiation. International Journal of Cosmetic Science. ISSN 0142-5463


Smith, Oliver and Tacchini, Francesco, Demystification Committee (2019) INTERFACE CHAOS. [Art/Design Item]

Luneva, Elizaveta and Daniels, Gabriela (2019) A comparative investigation of the protective effects of natural oils vs. silicones on African and Caucasian hair types. In: Society of Cosmetic Scientists Annual Conference, 2-3 July 2019, Manchester.

Kesseler, Rob and Neumann, Ulla and Przybyl, Marine (2019) Barley Tales. infocus Magazine (The Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society) (53). pp. 4-24. ISSN 1750-4740

Daniels, Gabriela and Westagete, Gillian E and Akram, Sabih and Tamburic, Slobodanka (2019) Can plant-derived phytochemicals provide symptom relief for hair loss? A critical review. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 41 (4). pp. 332-325. ISSN 1468-2494

Daniels, Gabriela and Luneva, Elizaveta (2019) Comparing Protective Pre-treatments for African Hair. In: TRI Princeton Symposium on Ethnic Hair, 24 September 2019, TRI Princeton, Red Bank, NJ, USA.

Daniels, Gabriela and Akram, Sabih and Westagete, Gillian E and Tamburic, Slobodanka (2019) Natural treatments for hair growth - do any work? In: Get Ahead of Hair Loss, 21 September 2019, 1 Wimpole Street, London.

Barnett, Heather (2019) Being Other Than We Are... PUBLIC #59: Interspecies Communication, Summer (59). pp. 158-169. ISSN 2048-6928

Barnett, Heather (2019) Many-Headed: Co-creating with the Collective. In: Slime Mould in Arts and Architecture. River Publishers Series in Biomedical Engineering . River Publishers, pp. 13-37. ISBN 978-87-7022-072-9

Barnett, Heather (2019) The Physarum Experiments. [Show/Exhibition]


Schmid, Helga (2020) Uchronia: Designing Time. Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, Switzerland. ISBN 9783035618105

Sarvardi, Mattia and Daniels, Gabriela and Tamburic, Slobodanka and Muhammad, Umar Riaz and Benini, Sergio (2020) Figaro-tresses: a dataset for evaluating hair assembly features before and after cosmetic treatment. Data in Brief. ISSN 2352-3409

Kapsali, Veronika and Vincent, Julian (2020) From a Pinecone to Design of an Active Textile. Biomimetics, 5 (52). ISSN 2313-7673

Daniels, Gabriela and Tamburic, Slobodanka and Benini, Sergio and Sarvardi, Mattia and Sanderson, Tracey and Randall, Jane (2020) Artificial intelligence and sensory assessment of hair assembly features: a combined approach. In: 31st IFSCC Congress, Yokohama, Japan, 21-30 October 2020, Online.


Pradhan, Akriti and Daniels, Gabriela (2021) Inclusive beauty: how buying and using cosmetics can be made more accessible for the visually impaired (VI) and blind consumer. Cosmetics and Toiletries, 136 (4). DM4-DM15.

Daniels, Gabriela and Tamburic, Slobodanka and Benini, Sergio and Randall, Jane and Sanderson, Tracey and Sarvardi, Mattia (2021) Artificial Intelligence for Assessing Hair Assembly Features. In: 9th International Conference on Applied Hair Science, 7-11 June 2021, TRI Princeton, Red Bank, NJ, USA.

Daniels, Gabriela and Luneva, Elizaveta and Tamburic, Slobodanka (2021) African hair: exploring the protective effects of natural oils and silicones. IFSCC Magazine, 23 (4). pp. 249-254. ISSN 1520-4561

Brassett, Jamie (2021) For a Creative Ontology of the Future: An Ode to Love. In: A Creative Philosophy of Anticipation: Futures in the Gaps of the Present. Routledge Research in Anticipation and Futures . Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon and New York, NY, pp. 152-181. ISBN 9780367234560


Zeilig, Hannah and van der byl Williams, Millie (2022) Broadening and deepening the understanding of agency in dementia. Medical Humanities. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1473-4265

Kirk, Pedro Douglas and Grierson, Mick and Ward, Nick and Brander, Fran and Kelly, Kate and Chegwidden, Will and Shivjhi, Dhiren and Stewart, Lauren (2022) Real-time auditory feedback may reduce abnormal movements in patients with chronic stroke. Disability and Rehabilitation. pp. 1-7. ISSN 1464-5165

Kapsali, Veronika (2022) All things bio: A conceptual domain-based approach to mapping practice within the landscape of biologically informed disciplines. The Design Journal. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1756-3062

Daniels, Gabriela and Fraser, Ashiana and Westagete, Gillian E (2022) How different is human hair? A critical appraisal of the reported differences in global hair fibre characteristics and properties towards defining a more relevant framework for hair type classification. International Journal of Cosmetic Science. ISSN 0142-5463

Coldwell, Paul and Morgan, Ruth (2022) Picturing the Invisible: Exploring interdisciplinary synergies from the arts and the sciences. UCL Press, London. ISBN 9781800081055

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