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Zbyszynski, Michael and Grierson, Mick and Yee-King, Matthew and Fedden, Leon (2017) Write once run anywhere revisited: machine learning and audio tools in the browser with C++ and emscripten. In: Web Audio Conference 2017, 21 - 23 August 2017, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom.

Yurman, Paulina (2023) Machine Stories: Finding meaning in unpredictable outcomes. In: ACM DIS 2023: Towards a Design (Research) Framework with Generative AI, 11 July 2023, Pittsburgh, online.

Wood, Oliver and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2023) Setting Switcher: Changing genre-settings in text-based game environments populated by generative agents. In: NeurIPS 2023 Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design, 16 December 2023, New Orleans.

Windle, Amanda (2014) Automation and design for prevention: Fictional accounts of misanthropic agency from the elevator (lift) to the sexbot (chatbot). Technoetic Arts, 12 (1). pp. 91-106. ISSN 1477-965X

Windle, Amanda (2010) Design Re-enactments in Audio. In: Practicing Science and Technology, Performing the Social, 2nd-4th Sept 2010, University of Trento, Italy. (Unpublished)

Windle, Amanda (2012) Design for prevention and the promises of automated things: two fictional accounts of misanthropic agency from the elevator (lift) to the sexbot. In: CRESC Conference 2012 Promises: Crisis and Socio-Cultural Change, 4th - 7th September 2012, Manchester.

Windle, Amanda (2011) Inscribing Complexity: Diagrammatic Interventions. In: Visualisation in the Age of Computerization, 25-26 March 2011, Saïd Business School, Oxford University.

Windle, Amanda (2011) Territorial Violence and Design, 1950-2010: A Human-Computer Study of Personal Space and Chatbot Interaction. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London with Surrey University.

Windle, Amanda (2012) Video interview on enterprise and research at the DigiLab. Co-Creating the Future.

Wallace, Benedikte and Hilton, Clarice and Nymoen, Kristian and Torresen, Jim and Martin, Charles Patrick and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2023) Embodying an Interactive AI for Dance Through Movement Ideation. In: ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition 2023, 19-21 June 2023, Virtual.

Vigliensoni, Gabriel and McCallum, Louis and Maestre, Esteban and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2020) Generation and visualization of rhythmic latent spaces. In: The 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity, 19-23 October 2020.

Vigliensoni, Gabriel and McCallum, Louis and Maestre, Esteban and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2022) R-VAE: Live latent space drum rhythm generation from minimal-size datasets. Journal of Creative Music Systems, 1 (1). ISSN 2399-7656

Vigliensoni, Gabriel and McCallum, Louis and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2020) Creating Latent Spaces for Modern Music Genre Rhythms Using Minimal Training Data. In: International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), 7-11 September 2020.

Vigliensoni, Gabriel and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2023) Steering latent audio models through interactive machine learning. In: ICCC’23: 14th International Conference on Computational Creativity, 19-23 June 2023, Waterloo, ON, Canada.

Tlalim, Tom and Trutzschler von Fahlkenstein, Jan (2009) Alter Ego: A Generative Music Creation System. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2009), Montreal, Canada. ISSN 2223-3881

Thelle, Notto J. W. and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2022) How do Musicians Experience Jamming with a Co-Creative “AI”? In: Machine Learning for Creativity and Design: NeurIPS 2022 Workshop, 9 December 2022, Virtual.

Shimizu, Junichi and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2023) Genny: Designing and Exploring a Live Coding Interface for Generative Models. In: ICLC 2023, 19-23 April 2023, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Sherman, Stephanie and Smith, Ash Eliza and Forster, Deborah and Emmenegger, Colleen (2021) Adventure Mode: A Speculative Rideshare Design. Frontiers in Computer Science, 3. ISSN 2095-2228

Sherman, Stephanie (2020) The Autocene. In: City Interaction lab, CityLab Paris.

Sherman, Stephanie (2022) The Polyopticon: A Diagram for Urban Artificial Intelligences. AI and Society. ISSN 1435-5655

Shepperd, Martin and Song, Qinbao and Sun, Zhongbin and Mair, Carolyn (2013) Data Quality: Some Comments on the NASA Software Defect Data Sets. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 39 (9). pp. 1208-1215. ISSN 0098-5589

Růžička, Vít (2019) Latent Jungle. [Art/Design Item]

Růžička, Vít (2021) Latent Rider. [Art/Design Item]

Růžička, Vít (2021) Super Super Super Resolution. [Art/Design Item]

Revell, Tobias and Goatley, Wesley and Peters, Charley (2019) Charismatic Megapigment. [Art/Design Item]

Revell, Tobias (2018) Synthesising Obama. [Art/Design Item]

Raz, Daniela and Bintz, Corinne and Guetler, Vivian and Tam, Aaron and Katell, Michael and Dailey, Dharma and Herman, Bernease and Krafft, P M and Young, Meg (2021) Face Mis-ID: An Interactive Pedagogical Tool Demonstrating Disparate Accuracy Rates in Facial Recognition. In: AIES '21: Proceedings of the 2021 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society. Association for Computing Machinery, pp. 895-904. ISBN 978-1-4503-8473-5

Ramos, Gonzalo and Suh, Jina and Ghorashi, Soroush and Meek, Christopher and Banks, Richard and Amershi, Saleema and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Smith-Renner, Alison and Bansal, Gagan (2019) Emerging Perspectives in Human-Centered Machine Learning. In: CHI '19: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 4-9 May 2019, Glasgow, Scotland.

Plant, Nicola and Hilton, Clarice and GIllies, Marco and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Perry, Phoenix and Gonzalez Diaz, Carlos and GIbson, Ruth and Martelli, Bruno and Zbyszynski, Michael (2021) Interactive Machine Learning for Embodied Interaction Design: A tool and methodology. In: TEI '21: Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction. Association for Computing Machinery. ISBN 978-1-4503-8213-7

Perry, Phoenix and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2021) InteractML.

Pelniski Ramos, Teresa and Shepardson, Victor and Symons, Steve and Santiago Caspe, Franco and Benito, Adan L and Armitage, Jack and Kiefer, Chris and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Magnusson, Thor and McPherson, Andrew (2022) Embedded AI for NIME: Challenges and Opportunities. In: International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 28 June - 1 July 2022, Waipapa Taumata Rau, Aotearoa.

Nybom, Waltteri and Grierson, Mick (2022) Personality in Personalisation: A User Study with an Interactive Narrative, a Personality Test and a Personalised Short Story. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, 435. ISSN 1867-8211

Naldi, Pat (2022) Generating Images on the Urgency of Climate Responsibility. In: Climate in Crisis, Activism, Apathy, and Responsibility: Social Responses to and Social Causes of the Current Climate Crisis, 23-24 September 2022, aculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Humber College, Toronto, Canada.

Naldi, Pat (2023) Monere Data. [Art/Design Item]

McCallum, Louis and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2019) Supporting Feature Engineering in End-User Machine Learning. In: CHI 2019 Workshop on Emerging Perspectives in Human-Centered Machine Learning, 4 May 2019, Glasgow, Scotland.

McCallum, Louis and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2020) The challenge of feature engineering in programming for moving bodies. In: NordiCHI '20 Workshop on Programming for Moving Bodies, 26 October 2020, Online.

Marenko, Betti (2021) Designing Smart Objects in Everyday Life Intelligences, Agencies, Ecologies. Bloomsbury Visual Arts . Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781350160125

Marenko, Betti (2018) FutureCrafting. A Speculative Method for an Imaginative AI. In: AAAI Spring Symposium Series. Technical Report SS-18. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Palo Alto, California, pp. 419-422. ISBN 978-1-57735-795-7

Lalioti, Vali (2019) RethinkAI™ : Designing the Human and AI relationship in the Future of Work. In: International Association of Societies of Design Research Conference 2019, 2-5 September 2019, Manchester School of Art.

Krafft, P M and Young, Meg and Katell, Michael and Lee, Jennifer and Narayan, Shankar and Epstein, Micah and Dailey, Dharma and Herman, Bernease and Tam, Aaron and Guetler, Vivian and Bintz, Corinne and Raz, Daniella and Jobe, Pa Ousman and Putz, Franziska and Robick, Brian and Barghouti, Bissan (2021) An Action-Oriented AI Policy Toolkit for Technology Audits by Community Advocates and Activists. In: FAccT '21: Proceedings of the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency. Association for Computing Machinery, pp. 772-781. ISBN 978-1-4503-8309-7

Krafft, P M and Shmueli, Erez and Thomas, Griffiths and Joshua, Tenenbaum and Alex, Pentland (2021) Bayesian collective learning emerges from heuristic social learning. Cognition, 212. ISSN 0010-0277

Kirk, Pedro Douglas and Grierson, Mick and Ward, Nick and Brander, Fran and Kelly, Kate and Chegwidden, Will and Shivjhi, Dhiren and Stewart, Lauren (2022) Real-time auditory feedback may reduce abnormal movements in patients with chronic stroke. Disability and Rehabilitation. pp. 1-7. ISSN 1464-5165

Isiaq, Sakirulai Olufemi and Sobnath, Drishty and Kaduk, Tobiaz and Rehman, Ikram (2020) Feature Selection for UK Disabled Students’ Engagement Post Higher Education: A Machine Learning Approach for a Predictive Employment Model. Feature Selection for UK Disabled Students’ Engagement Post Higher Education: A Machine Learning Approach for a Predictive Employment Model, 8. ISSN 2169-3536

Isiaq, Sakirulai Olufemi and Sobnath, Drishty (2019) A Collective Intelligence Framework for Lifestyle Management pro Mental Health Systems. International Journal On Advances in Life Sciences, 11 (3). pp. 138-150. ISSN 1942-2660

Isiaq, Sakirulai Olufemi and Golam, Jamil (2019) Teaching technology with technology: approaches to bridging learning and teaching gaps in simulation-based programming education. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 16 (25). pp. 1-21. ISSN 2365-9440

Isiaq, Sakirulai Olufemi and Dawson, Lawrence (2022) Mental health predictive models for triaging young adults. In: ICECCME 2022, 16-18 November 2022, Maldives, Maldives.

Hilton, Clarice and Plant, Nicola and Gonzalez Diaz, Carlos and Perry, Phoenix and Gibson, Ruth and Martelli, Bruno and Zbyszynski, Michael and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Gillies, Marco (2021) InteractML: Making machine learning accessible for creative practitioners working with movement interaction in immersive media. In: VRST 2021: ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, 8-10 December 2021, Osaka, Japan.

Hidalgo Urbaneja, Maribel and Jaillant, Lise (2023) Artificial intelligence as a decolonisation tool: Lessons from libraries, archives and museums. In: Many Worlds of AI, 26-28 April 2023, Cambridge, England.

Hassani, H. and Silva, E.S. and Unger, S. and TajMazinani, M. and Mac Feely, S. (2020) Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Intelligence Augmentation (IA): What Is the Future? AI, 1. pp. 143-155. ISSN 2673-2688

Hassani, H. and Huang, X. and Silva, E.S. (2018) Banking with blockchain-ed big data. Journal of Management Analytics, 5 (4). pp. 256-275. ISSN 2327-0012

Hassani, H. and Huang, X. and Silva, E.S. (2018) Big-Crypto: Big Data, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Big Data and Cognitive Computing, 2 (34). ISSN 2504-2289

Hassani, H. and Huang, X. and Silva, E.S. (2021) The Human Digitalisation Journey: Technology First at the Expense of Humans? Information, 12 (7). p. 267. ISSN 2078-2489

Gonzalez Diaz, Carlos and Perry, Phoenix and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2019) Interactive Machine Learning for More Expressive Game Interactions. In: IEEE Conference on Games (GOG) 2019, 20-23 August 2019, London, UK.

Fiebrink, Rebecca and Trueman, Daniel and Cook, Perry R. (2009) A Meta-Instrument for Interactive, On-the-fly Machine Learning. In: International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), 3-6 June 2009, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Fiebrink, Rebecca and Sonami, Laetitia (2020) Reflections on Eight Years of Instrument Creation with Machine Learning. In: International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), 21-25 July 2020, Birmingham, UK.

Fiebrink, Rebecca and Cook, Perry R. and Trueman, Daniel (2011) Human Model Evaluation in Interactive Supervised Learning. In: ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'11), 7-12 May 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Eden, Michael (2016) I Can’t Do that, Dave. Artificial Intelligence, Dada and the Ethics of Perception. Trebuchet Magazine.

Eden, Michael (2016) Stimulating the Simulcra. Can Humans be Trusted With Artificial Intelligence? Trebuchet Magazine.

Eden, Michael (2016) Sure we can, but SHOULD we? Digital Head and the Ethics of Intelligence. Trebuchet Magazine.

Dovey, Max (2022) Playing the Other: Confronting More-Than-Human Intelligence Through Performance. In: Representing and (re)Imagining Digital Crowds Beyond Data Reduction, 20 June 20232, Online.

Diallo, Katja and Wishiki, Inari and Dovey, Max, Foundation Noordkaap (2020) Noordkapp Taxi 2019. In: Noordkapp Taxi 2019. Noordkaap, Cologne, Germany.

Davis, Geoff and Grierson, Mick (2022) Investigating attitudes of professional writers to GPT text generation AI based creative support tools. Project Report. University of the Arts London.

Dada, Maria (2019) Digital Models: Cannibalising the Remnants of the Map. Machine Feeling: A Peer-Reviewed Newspaper, 8 (1). ISSN 2245-7593

Dada, Maria (2018) Social Wealth Funds And An Avant-Garde Blockchain Accounting System. Autonomy. ISSN 2515-9852

Cole, Adam and Grierson, Mick (2023) Kiss/Crash: Using Diffusion Models to Explore Real Desire in the Shadow of Artificial Representations. ACM SIGGRAPH 2023.

Cole, Adam (2022) Old Sights, New Visions: Controlled Uses of Diffusion Based Image-to-Image Translation for generative video. Technical Report. University of the Arts London, London. (Unpublished)

Chicau, Joana and Reus, Jonathan (2023) Anatomical Intelligence: Live coding as performative dissection. Organised Sound, 28 (1). ISSN 1469-8153

Chicau, Joana and Chaim Reus, Jonathan (2018) Anatomies of Intelligence. [Performance]

Chapko, Dorota and Frumiento, Pino and Emeh, Lizzie and Rothstein, Pedro and Kennedy, Donald and McNicholas, David and Orjiekwe, Ifeoma and Overton, Michaela and Snead, Mark and Steward, Robyn and Sutton, Jenny M and Bradshaw, Mellisa and Jeffreys, Evie and Gallia, Will and Ewans, Sarah and Williams, Mark and Grierson, Mick (2021) Supporting Remote Survey Data Analysis by Co-researchers with Learning Disabilities through Inclusive and Creative Practices and Data Science Approaches. In: 2021 ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference, 28 June - 2 July 2021, Virtual (USA).

Calvert, Sheena M. and Schrader, Niels (2021) A New Vocabulary for Action. In: Who Speaks: Artificial Intelligence, Language and Democracy. The Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Netherlands, pp. 33-45. ISBN 978-90-72600-57-8

Calvert, Sheena M. (2019) Language: The Non-Trivial Machine. Interalia Magazine, 53. ISSN 2059-2280

Broad, Terence and Leymarie, Frederic Fol and Grierson, Mick (2020) Amplifying The Uncanny. In: xCoAx: 8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, 8–10 July 2020, Graz, Austria.

Broad, Terence and Leymarie, Frederic Fol and Grierson, Mick (2021) Network Bending: Expressive Manipulation of Deep Generative Models. In: EvoMUSART 2021, 10th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design, 7-9 April 2021, Online.

Broad, Terence and Leymarie, Frederic Fol and Grierson, Mick (2021) Network Bending: Expressive Manipulation of Generative Models in Multiple Domains. Entropy, 24 (28). ISSN 1099-4300

Broad, Terence and Grierson, Mick (2019) Searching for an (un)stable equilibrium: experiments in training generative models without data. In: Machine Learning for Creativity and Design, December 14t 2019, NeurIPS 2019 Workshop, Vancouver, Canada.

Broad, Terence and Grierson, Mick (2016) Visualising Topological Structures of Activation in Artificial Neural Networks. Technical Report. Creative Computing Institute.

Broad, Terence and Berns, Sebastian and Colton, Simon and Grierson, Mick (2021) Active Divergence with Generative Deep Learning - A Survey and Taxonomy. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Creativity. Association for Computational Creativity. ISBN 978-989-54160-3-5

Berns, Sebastian and Broad, Terence and Guckelsberger, Christian and Colton, Simon (2021) Automating Generative Deep Learning for Artistic Purposes: Challenges and Opportunities. In: ICCC’21: The Twelfth International Conference on Computational Creativity, 14-18 September 2021, Mexico City, Mexico.

Bernardo, Francisco and Zbyszynski, Michael and Grierson, Mick and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2020) Designing and Evaluating the Usability of a Machine Learning API for Rapid Prototyping Music Technology. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 3. ISSN 2624-8212

Behr, Bernd (2022) Esper Syndrome: Tracing Forensic Imaginaries and Spatial Pathologies in Blade Runner’s Photographic Apparatus. In: Blade Runner @40: Origins and Legacies, 6-7 June 2022, Bangor University, Wales & Online.

Beaty, Marissa and Broad, Terence (2023) Envisioning Distant Worlds: Fine-Tuning a Latent Diffusion Model with NASA's Exoplanet Data. In: NeurIPS 2023, 10-16 December 2023, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Arandas, Luís and McDonough, Kate and Grierson, Mick and Carvalhais, Miguel (2023) Man Lost in the Convergence of Time, Avebury (2022): Reconfiguring film through human figure removal and collage. In: Intermediartes 2023, 30 May - 2 June 2023, Porto.

Arandas, Luís and Grierson, Mick and Carvalhais, Miguel (2023) Antagonising explanation and revealing bias directly through sequencing and multimodal inference. In: Explainable AI for the Arts - XAIxArts, 19th June 23, ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference 2023.

Arandas, Luís and Carvalhais, Miguel and Grierson, Mick (2023) Computing Short Films using Language-guided Diffusion and Vocoding through Virtual Timelines of Summaries. Insam Journal, 10. ISSN 2637 1898

Antonopoulou, Alexandra and Dare, Eleanor (2020) Non-immersive media: collaborating in an ‘immertical’ virtual world. In: Besides the Screen 2020, 22-24 July 2020, Online.

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