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Spencer, Michael (2008) 'Variation' : 32 short performances. [Art/Design Item]


Spencer, Michael (2009) Verification (5 decades). [Performance]

Spencer, Michael (2009) Vindication. [Show/Exhibition]

Livergant, Elyssa (2009) A Kiss from the Last Red Squirrel. [Art/Design Item]


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Thornton, Vicki and Yurov, Pavlo (2021) Antratsyt: Perseverance Day. [Performance]

Pastor, Eugénie and Turner, Shamira (2021) Curious Hearts Song Club. [Performance]

Pastor, Eugénie, Little Bulb (2021) Wolf Witch Giant Fairy. [Performance]

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Beswick, Katie (2022) London’s Burning: Social housing, performance and the politics of fire in an overheated market. In: Society for Theatre Research Lecture Series, 15 February 2022, Online.

Alston, Adam and Parry, Owen G. (2022) Staging Decadence documentary. [Art/Design Item]


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