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Antonopoulou, Alexandra and Yermakova, Anya and Hosale, Mark David and Macy, Alan (2021) Siren. [Show/Exhibition]

Algar, Lucy (2017) Centre for Drawing Residency 2017. [Performance]

Adami, Elisa (2022) Between the Archive and Repertoire: Embodied Memory in Stephen Dwoskin’s Ballet Black, 1986. In: Study Day + Acting Out: Stephen Dwoskin film screening, 12 February 2022.


Bugg, Jessica and Ziesche, Anna-Nicole (2015) Fashion and Performance 2: Materiality, Meaning, Media. [Show/Exhibition]

Bugg, Jessica (2014) Dancing Dress: experiencing and perceiving dress in movement. Scene, Critical Costume special edition, 2 (1&2). pp. 67-80. ISSN 2044-3714

Bugg, Jessica (2013) Drawing with the Body and Cloth. [Performance]

Bugg, Jessica (2016) Drawing with the Body and Cloth. In: Embodied Performance: Design, Process, and Narrative. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, pp. 169-193. ISBN 978-1-84888-009-2

Bugg, Jessica (2013) Drawing with the Body and Cloth. [Art/Design Item]

Bugg, Jessica (2019) Dressing Dance–Dancing Dress. In: Routledge Companion to Dance Studies. Routledge, London UK, pp. 353-364. ISBN 9781315306551

Bugg, Jessica (2013) Emotion Collection - Black Point. [Art/Design Item]

Bugg, Jessica (2013) Emotion Collection - Blue Air Dress. [Art/Design Item]

Bugg, Jessica (2016) Mediated materiality and meaning, curating experience through the body and dress. In: La mode exposée / Fashion curating. HEAD publishers, Genève, pp. 293-297. ISBN 978-2-940510-14-6

Bugg, Jessica (2014) Optical Laces performance and film. [Art/Design Item]

Brooks, Pete (2005) In Praise of Folly. [Performance]

Brooks, Pete (2010) The splinter in the flesh. [Performance]

Broadhead, Caroline and Sandiland, Nic and Woodhouse, Angela (2017) Close Distance. [Show/Exhibition]

Broadhead, Caroline (2018) Caroline Broadhead. [Show/Exhibition]

Barbieri, Donatella (2021) The performativity of matter: through time, space, and gesture. In: MAKE 2021, 6 March 2021, MTU Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, Ireland.


Cole, Sarah and Joslin, Annis (2021) STUCK. [Show/Exhibition]

Chorpening, Kelly (2012) Site-seeing from left to right. [Show/Exhibition]

Chicau, Joana and Church, Luke (2017) Scores & Scripts - a Bestiary of Intents. In: The Psychology of Programming Interest Group: 28th Annual Workshop, 1-3 July 2017, Delft, The Netherlands.

Ceschi, Valentina and Lane, Kate (2019) Greenham. [Show/Exhibition]

Camic, Paul M. and Crutch, Sebastian J. and Murphy, Charlie and Firth, Nicholas, F. and Harding, Emma and Harrison, Charles R. and Howard, Susannah and Strohmaier, Sarah and Van Leewen, Janneke and West, Julian and Windle, Gill and Wray, Selina and Zeilig, Hannah (2018) Conceptualising and Understanding Artistic Creativity in the Dementias: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research and Practise. Frontiers in Psychology, 9. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1664-1078

Cain, Ben and Hoette, Emma (2018) PASSIVE IMPERATIVE PARTICIPATION VIBE. [Art/Design Item]

Cain, Ben (2016) Practical Training (Persons and Materials). [Art/Design Item]


Danjoux, Michèle (2014) Choreography and Sounding Wearables. Scene, 2 (1-2). pp. 197-220. ISSN 2044-3714

Danjoux, Michèle (2017) Design-in-Motion: Choreosonic Wearables in Performance. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Danjoux, Michèle (2019) Design-in-Motion: Sculpting Choreosonic Wearables. Theatre and Performance Design, 5 (1-2). pp. 114-124. ISSN 2332-2551

Danjoux, Michèle (2015) Wearables and Choreosonic Gesture. In: Fashion Responsive, 24 March 2015, Geneva University of Art & Design (HEAD), Geneva, Switzerland.


Ellard, Graham and Johnstone, Stephen and Thatcher, Tony (2016) Dance, Film, Performance. [Performance]

Ellard, Graham and Johnstone, Stephen and Thatcher, Tony (2017) Edge Balance. [Performance]

Ellard, Graham and Johnstone, Stephen (2018) La Mer (Four hands. Two dancers. Two films). [Art/Design Item]


Fox, Shelley (2005) Amu. [Performance]


Gray, Victoria Kent (2017) A Somatics of Affect: Articulating Affective-Kinaesthetic Experience through BMC approaches to Performance and Writing. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.


Hunter, Tom (2009) Hackney Fandango. [Art/Design Item]

Hooson, Duncan (2019) 22 Hands. [Show/Exhibition]

Hilton, Clarice and Plant, Nicola and Gonzalez Diaz, Carlos and Perry, Phoenix and Gibson, Ruth and Martelli, Bruno and Zbyszynski, Michael and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Gillies, Marco (2021) InteractML: Making machine learning accessible for creative practitioners working with movement interaction in immersive media. In: VRST 2021: ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, 8-10 December 2021, Osaka, Japan.

Hilton, Clarice and Gonzalez Diaz, Carlos and Gibson, Ruth and Perry, Phoenix and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Zbyszynski, Michael and Plant, Nicola and Martelli, Bruno and Gillies, Marco (2020) InteractML: Node Based Tool to Empower Artists and Dancers in using Interactive Machine Learning for Designing Movement Interaction. In: NordiCHI '20 The UX of Interactive Machine Learning, 25 October 2020, Online.

Hardie, Sarah and Sheen, Jack and Drennan, Eleesha (2017) before sleep at the end of love (description of a lullaby). [Performance]

Hammond, Abigail (2011) Am I a dance artist? Dance UK Website.

Hammond, Abigail (2010) Costume design in contemporary dance – a unique approach to dressing the body. In: Endyesthai, April 2010, Hellenic Costume Society, Athens. (Unpublished)

Hammond, Abigail (2014) Costumes for Jasmin Vardimon Company's Park. [Art/Design Item]

Hammond, Abigail (2010) Production 7734. [Art/Design Item]

Hammond, Abigail (2011) State of emergency: desert crossings. [Art/Design Item]

Hammond, Abigail (2011) Transformation and revelation: UK design for performance 2007-2011. [Show/Exhibition]


James, Catherine Elizabeth (2017) Falling for Gravity: Invisible Forces in Contemporary Art. Peter Lang, Oxford. ISBN 30343172639783034317269


Kear, Adrian (2020) Alain Platel and The Scene of Seduction. In: The Choreopolitics of Alain Platel's Ballets C de la B: Emotions, Gestures, Politics. Dance in Dialogue . Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, London, pp. 86-99. ISBN 9781350080027

Kear, Adrian (2002) Seduction and Translation. Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 7 (2). pp. 35-49. ISSN 13528165/14699990


Layzell, Richard and Parker, Janice (2014) Glory. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2016) The Palamari Sauce Boat. [Show/Exhibition]

Lane, Kate and Ceschi, Valentina and Jaruseviciute, Guoda (2016) Trinity. [Performance]

Lane, Kate and Ceschi, Valentina (2022) Greenham: Memory, Costume and Activism in site-responsive performance. In: Nordic Forum for Dance Research, 5-8 July 2022, The Danish National School for the Performing Arts.

Lane, Kate (2019) Axiom. In: Friday Forum: Performance Design in the Digital Age, 29 November 2019, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Lane, Kate (2022) Is this a Dance? [Performance]

Lane, Cathy and Butcher, Rosemary and Martin, Daria and Appleton, Melissa and Butcher, Matthew (2010) Lapped Translated Lines. [Show/Exhibition]

Lane, Cathy and Butcher, Rosemary and Bronstein, Pablo (2010) Destructive navigations. [Performance]


Margolies, Eleanor (2002) Dancing with forks: A study of objects in contemporary performance. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Macdonald, Anna and Jacob, Marie-Andre (2021) Moving from law: documents, dance and stubborn materials. School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Macdonald, Anna and Jacob, Marie-Andre (2019) A change of heart: retraction and body. Law Text Culture, 23. pp. 262-275. ISSN 1322-9060

Macdonald, Anna (2016) After Mrs Mills. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2020) Alpen. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2020) Circling and Circling (again). [Show/Exhibition]

Macdonald, Anna (2022) Collected ways of doing things. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2013) Editing I will not hope. Choreographic Practices, 4 (2). pp. 189-203. ISSN 2040-5669

Macdonald, Anna (2014) Falling for everything. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2017) Going nowhere: Screendance and the act of dying. International Journal of Screendance, 8. pp. 11-28. ISSN 2154-6878

Macdonald, Anna (2017) Holding and Curation. Repertório: Teatro & Dança, 27. pp. 49-58. ISSN 2175-8131

Macdonald, Anna (2012) I will not hope. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2023) Keeping in time: Mastery, as a condition of colonial and patriarchal discourse, and the temporality of screendance. In: LO:TECH:POP:CULT: Screendance Remixe. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781032372150

Macdonald, Anna (2017) Progression (Walking) and (Freestyle). [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2020) Reasonable Adjustments. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2020) Strikethrough studies. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2010) Things that start slowly. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2010) This is for you. [Show/Exhibition]

Macdonald, Anna (2017) Touch, containment and consolation in This is For You. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, 9 (2). pp. 255-268. ISSN 1757-1871

Macdonald, Anna (2016) Walk. [Art/Design Item]

Macdonald, Anna (2021) Ways of doing things. [Show/Exhibition]


Noce, Kim and Harrison, Nica and Spink, Anna (2019) Seek and Hide. [Performance]

Noce, Kim and Harrison, Dominica and Spink, Anna (2018) Seek and Hide. [Art/Design Item]

Noce, Kim and Clark, Shaun, Mewlab (2018) Togethereness. [Art/Design Item]

Nichols, Claire (2015) Espaços de Vidro - Improvised Movement I. [Art/Design Item]

New, Sophia and Ciupke, Christina and Laitzsch, Juliane and Wortlekamp, Isa and Hahn, Daniela and Belasco Rogers, Daniel (2019) Expanding Choreography through Everyday Movement in the Work of plan b. In: 2019. Revolver, Berlin, pp. 114-135. ISBN 978-3-95763-461-0

New, Sophia and Belasco Rogers, Daniel (2020) Together/Apart. [Performance]


Orta, Lucy (2010) Eclaircies - Art and Climate Change. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Neill, Alistair (2021) Double Shiny: Leigh Bowery's Costume Design for Because We Must (1987/1989). In: Materials, Practices, and Politics of Shine in Modern Art and Popular Culture. Material Culture of Art and Design . Bloomsbury Visual Arts, London, pp. 155-168. ISBN 9781350192911


Plant, Nicola and Zbyszynski, Michael and Gonzalez Diaz, Carlos and Hilton, Clarice and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Gibson, Ruth and Gillies, Marco and Perry, Phoenix and Martelli, Bruno (2020) Programming by Moving: Interactive Machine Learning for Embodied Interaction Design. In: NordiCHI'20 Workshop on Programming for Working Bodies, 26 October 2020, Online.

Plant, Nicola and Gibson, Ruth and Gonzalez Diaz, Carlos and Martelli, Bruno and Zbyszynski, Michael and Fiebrink, Rebecca and Gillies, Marco and Hilton, Clarice and Perry, Phoenix (2020) Movement interaction design for immersive media using interactive machine learning. In: 7th International Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO '20), 15-17 July 2020, Online.

Pethybridge, Ruth (2017) Unresolved Differences: Choreographing Community in Cross-Generational Dance Practice. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London and Falmouth University.

Peters, Charley (2013) Connecting Voices, Developing a Space for Creative Communication. Project Report. University of the Arts London. (Unpublished)

Pavelka, Michael (2006) Revelations. [Art/Design Item]

Parry, Owen G. and Hulson, Marc (2024) Extracurricular. [Performance]

Parry, Owen G., Dalston Ballet Company (2016) Fan Club #4 Hail Hail Hail Party Hail. [Show/Exhibition]

Parry, Owen G. (2023) Freedom is a Performance Hangout* (*Click on this fake sweat distraction technique to release infinite scroll). Performance Research, 28 (2). pp. 29-38. ISSN 1469-9990


Robertson, Helen (2023) Hanging in the Balance. [Art/Design Item]

Rees, Katherine (2022) Somatosensory wearable technology in the dance making process: investigating digital touch in the formation of creative movement and kinaesthetic awareness. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.


Strutt, Daniel and Schlegel, Andreas and Coghlan, Neal and Debaig, Clemence and Peng, Friendred (Youhong) (2021) New Telematic Technologies for Remote Creation, Rehearsal and Performance of Choreographic Work. Journal of Embodied Research, 4 (2). ISSN 2513-8421

Stjernholm, Johan (2009) Performativities, Virtualities, Abstractions, and Cunningham's BIPED. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Stephens, T and Hattosh-Nemeth, Jeremy and Dupras, Martin and Smith, Paul Verity (2005) Miranda Rights: Six Second Dances [Dying on my Feet], interactive performing art. [Performance]

Smith, Sue (2015) Dancing in the Dark: described dances and unseen choreographies. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London and Falmouth University.

Seecharran, Vannetta (2004) Movement, Journey, Deep, Transient. [Performance]

Saul, Daniel and Davies, Rachel and Pui Ling Lok, Annie and Cunningham, Jules (2023) Moving Out. [Art/Design Item]

Saul, Daniel and Davies, Rachel and Palani, Hemabharathy (2019) Chandini. [Performance]

Saul, Daniel and Davies, Rachel (2019) A Small Dream - Dorset. [Performance]

Saul, Daniel (2017) Ek Choti si Asha - A Small Dream. [Art/Design Item]

Salmon, Maureen (2016) Black Women in Dance: Stepping Out of the Barriers The Dance of Leadership. In: 30 years of black history month in Leicester, 10 May 2016, City Hall, Leicester UK.

Salmon, Maureen (2016) Black Women in Dance: Stepping Out of the Barriers:The Dance of Leadership. In: Black Women in Dance: Stepping Out of the Barriers. Serendipity Artists Movement Ltd, UK. ISBN 9780992631932

Sajovic, Eva (2020) Botteghe Digitali / Digital Manufacturing. [Show/Exhibition]


Troisi, Anna (2023) ​​Méiyǒu shālù (Without Killing). [Performance]

Thomas, Helen and Cooper, Lesley (2002) Dancing into the Third Age: Social Dance as Cultural Text:. [Art/Design Item]

Thomas, Helen and Cooper, Lesley (2002) Growing Old Gracefully: Social Dance in the Third Age. Ageing and Society, 22 (6). pp. 689-708. ISSN 14691779

Thomas, Helen (2013) The Body and Everyday Life. The New Sociology . Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415331111, 9780415331128

Thomas, Helen (2003) The Body, Dance and Cultural Theory. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780333724323

Thomas, Helen (2004) Mimesis and Alterity in the African Caribbean Quadrille: ethnography meets history. Cultural and Social History, 1 (3). pp. 281-302. ISSN 14780046

Taylor, j Milo and Hendrickse, Jan and Setohy, Saffy (2018) Hidden Architectures. [Performance]


Wilson, Sarah Kate (2020) Painting: A Collaborative Medium. In: 108th College Art Association Annual Conference, 12-15 February 2020, Chicago, Hilton Chicago.

Wallace, Benedikte and Hilton, Clarice and Nymoen, Kristian and Torresen, Jim and Martin, Charles Patrick and Fiebrink, Rebecca (2023) Embodying an Interactive AI for Dance Through Movement Ideation. In: ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition 2023, 19-21 June 2023, Virtual.


Yass, Catherine (2003) Split Sides (Merce Cunningham 50th Anniversary commission). [Art/Design Item]


Ziesche, Anna-Nicole (2010) Falling and Flying 2010. [Art/Design Item]

Zeilig, Hannah and West, Julian (2020) Diverse Rhythms: Co-creativity and wellbeing in dementia care home settings. The FPOP Bulletin (152). pp. 20-26. ISSN 2396-9660

Zeilig, Hannah and Tischler, Victoria and van der byl Williams, Millie and West, Julian and Strohmaier, Sarah (2019) Co-creativity, well-being and agency: A case study analysis of a co-creative arts group for people with dementia. Journal of Aging Studies, 49. pp. 16-24. ISSN 0890-4065

Zeilig, Hannah (2021) It's just going on with the Flow: Exploring Co-Creativity Agency and Wellbeing. In: Open Academy: It's just going on with the flow, 22 March 2021, Royal Academy of Music.

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