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Sandino, Linda (2005) Aziz Cami Track 1 - Beginnings. [Art/Design Item]


Sandino, Linda (2006) Design history and oral history: objects and subjects. Journal of Design History, 19 (4). pp. 275-283. ISSN 1741-7279

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Horton, Ian["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Furnee, Bettina (2011) Private voices and public places: using oral histories in site-specific text-based art. In: [Record] [Create] Oral History in Art, Craft and Design, 2nd - 3rd July 2010, Victoria and Albert Museum. (Unpublished)


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Sandino, Linda["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Pye, Matilda["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Saumarez Smith, Charles["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Avery Quash, Susanna["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Marsden, Christopher["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Timmers, Margaret["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Cummings, Neil["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Fleming, Martha["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Storrie, Calum["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Ahl, Zandra["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Harrison, Keith["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Atha, Christine["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Greenhalgh, Paul (2013) Artists Work in Museums: Histories Interventions Subjectivities. Wunderkammer Press, Bath Spa University, Bath. ISBN 978-0-9566462-8-6

Sandino, Linda["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Partington, Matthew["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Toop, David["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]McMillan, Michael["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Furnee, Bettina["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Horton, Ian["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Handal, Alexandra["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Gates, David["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Candida Smith, Richard["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Bruchet, Liz["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Kirwin, Liza["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Ritchie, Anne G["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Clarke, John["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Flegg, Eleanor["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Cvetkovich, Ann["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Turney, Jo["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Buckel, Natalya R["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Wilcox, Claire["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Suterwalla, Shehnaz["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Tamboukou, Maria["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Oak, Arlene (2013) Oral History in the Visual Arts. Berg, London and New York. ISBN 978-0-8578-5197-0

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