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Ingham, Mark (1986) Cross Roads and Forked Tongues. [Show/Exhibition]


Ingham, Mark (1991) Make a map, not a tracing... [Show/Exhibition]


Dennis, Jeffrey (1992) Cello. [Art/Design Item]


Kovats, Tania (2001) Basalt Series. [Art/Design Item]

Franks, Matt (2001) Tailsliding. [Show/Exhibition]

Ackling, Roger (2001) Sun Lines. [Show/Exhibition]


Sly, Allan (2002) The Surrey Scholar. [Art/Design Item]

O'Riley, Tim (2002) Mirror. [Art/Design Item]

Franks, Matt (2002) Transcendent Plastic Infinite. [Art/Design Item]


Sly, Allan (2003) Andrew Carnegie. [Art/Design Item]

Dunhill, Mark and O'Brien, Tamiko (2003) Examples in Sculpture. [Show/Exhibition]

Callery, Simon (2003) Segsbury Project. [Show/Exhibition]

Bugg, Roderick (2003) Solo Show: Galerie de Witte Voet Amsterdam. [Show/Exhibition]

Boggon, Anna (2003) Il Palazzo delle Liberta. [Show/Exhibition]

Ackling, Roger (2003) Things of August. [Show/Exhibition]


Wilder, Ken (2004) Projective Space. [Show/Exhibition]

Plessner, Daphne (2004) Pop-Up Politics - interactive sculpture in the form of a life-sized telescope with moveable pop-up parts. [Art/Design Item]

Penty, Jane (2004) Blowin' In The Wind. [Art/Design Item]

Pena-Ardanez, Ann Marie (2004) Paper City (ongoing). [Show/Exhibition]

Ireland, James (2004) Into my world: recent British sculpture. [Show/Exhibition]

Franks, Matt (2004) Into My World. [Art/Design Item]

Cobbing, William (2004) Eating My Teeth. [Art/Design Item]

Callery, Simon (2004) Settlement. [Art/Design Item]

Boggon, Anna (2004) Put em up (solo exhibition). [Show/Exhibition]

Ayers, Alain (2004) Marks in Space: Drawing and Sculptural Form. [Show/Exhibition]

Ackling, Roger (2004) Reason to Believe. [Show/Exhibition]


Woodfine, Sarah (2005) The Nelson Touch: Exhibition at the Royal Naval Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. [Show/Exhibition]

Wingfield, Rachel and Gmachl, Mathias (2005) Weather Patterns - A light installation and research project that visually demonstrates the local changing weather patterns. [Art/Design Item]

Smith, Craig and Freedland, Lilah and Bakkon, Matthew (2005) Crank - collaborative performance staged at number of social sculpture events. [Performance]

Sly, Allan (2005) Electric Theatre. [Art/Design Item]

Ireland, James (2005) This is a test. [Show/Exhibition]

Ingham, Mark (2005) AFTERIMAGES: Photographs as an External Autobiographical Memory System and a Contemporary Art Practice. PhD thesis, Goldsmiths College.

Dunhill, Mark and O'Brien, Tamiko (2005) Sculptomatic: An Exhibition in Two Parts. [Show/Exhibition]


Sly, Allan (2006) DNA Project. [Art/Design Item]

Franks, Matt (2006) Metropolis Rise. [Show/Exhibition]

Callery, Simon (2006) Stones: Circles: Landscape: Art. [Show/Exhibition]

Boggon, Anna (2006) Less Travelled. [Art/Design Item]

Allsop, Douglas (2006) Binnen/Buiten. [Show/Exhibition]

Allsop, Douglas (2006) Solo Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Ackling, Roger and Long, Richard (2006) 1 + 1 = 2. [Show/Exhibition]


Simonson, Caryn (2007) Textile transporter. [Show/Exhibition]

Schneider, Nikolaus G and Signer, Roman and Withers, Rachel and Zwirner, Dorothea (2007) Roman Signer. Collector's choice, 7 . DuMont, Cologne, Germany. ISBN 9783832177195

Penty, Jane (2007) Night Reflections. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2007) Antarctica: Antarctic Village No Borders, ephemeral installation in Antarctica. [Show/Exhibition]

Kane, Alan and Deller, Jeremy (2007) The Steam Powered Internet Machine. [Art/Design Item]

Haegele, Levin and Nichols, Claire (2007) From Here to There. [Art/Design Item]

Bugg, Roderick (2007) Solo Exhibition - In Parallel: sculpture and drawing. [Show/Exhibition]


Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2008) Antarctica - Hangar Bicocca. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2008) Antarctica: Lucy + Jorge Orta. Electa Mondadori, Milan, Italy. ISBN ISBN 978883706337

Ingham, Mark (2008) Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (120 Days and Nights of Staggering and Stammering). [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2008) I called when you were out. [Art/Design Item]

FELSSO (2008) SCIRIA Openmind seminar series, FELSSO (finite elements with laser scanning for material analysis of sculptural objects). [Art/Design Item]


Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2009) Earth: art of a changing world. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Riley, Tim (2009) Acts of seeing. In: Acts of Seeing: Artists, scientists and the history of the visual, a volume dedicated to Martin Kemp. Zidane Press, London, UK. ISBN 9780955485084

Cobbing, William (2009) Clapper Tongue and Moon Walker. [Art/Design Item]

Cobbing, William (2009) Thoughts from the bottom of a well. [Show/Exhibition]


Wynne, John (2010) Artist Talk by John Wynne. In: Artist Talk by John Wynne, July 2010, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver. (Unpublished)

Wynne, John (2010) Installation for 300 speakers, Pianola and vacuum cleaner. [Show/Exhibition]

Thomas, Jennet (2010) All suffering soon to end! [Show/Exhibition]

Storey, Helen and Ryan, Tony (2010) Catalytic Clothing - HERSELF. [Art/Design Item]

Smith, Donald (2010) Shelagh Cluett: sculpture 1977 - 1980. [Show/Exhibition]

Smith, Dan (2010) Reading the Albert Memorial. In: Cultural Memory: Reformations of the Past in the Present, and the Present in the Past. University of Plymouth Press, Plymouth, pp. 10-25. ISBN 9781841022536

Seitz, Dallas (2010) Shot. [Show/Exhibition]

Scardi, Gabi and Orta, Lucy (2010) Aware: art fashion identity. Damiani, Italy. ISBN 9788862081627

Ruggaber, Karin (2010) British art show 7: in the days of the comet. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2010) Adelaide international 2010: apart, we are together. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2010) Amazonia. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2010) Antarctica. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2010) Apart, we are together: Adelaide international 2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2010) Wijheizij - Milk. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy (2010) 22nd International Sculpture Conference “What is Sculpture in the 21st Century?”. In: 22nd International Sculpture Conference, 9 April 2010, Kings Place London. (Unpublished)

Orta, Lucy (2010) Eclaircies - Art and Climate Change. [Show/Exhibition]

Mey, Adeena (2010) Maria Taniguchi: Y’a le feu au lac. [Show/Exhibition]

McCloy, Anne (2010) Anne McCloy is BAD - ART VANDAL (Does exactly What It Says On The Tin). [Show/Exhibition]

Gernand, Bruce (2010) Codes and chisels. In: International Sculpture Center’s 22nd International Sculpture Conference, “What is Sculpture in the 21st Century?”, 7-9 April 2010, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Franks, Matt (2010) Modern love. [Show/Exhibition]

Finlay, Taylor (2010) Economic entomology. [Show/Exhibition]

Faure Walker, James (2010) Seven British artists in Milan, 1965 – 1975. Galleria Milano/Austin Desmond, Milan/London.

Cussans, John (2010) Tele geto 1. [Show/Exhibition]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2010) Gossip from the forest. [Art/Design Item]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew, Meadow Arts (2010) It happened here. [Art/Design Item]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2010) The sleep of reason. [Art/Design Item]

Coldwell, Paul (2010) Bouquet. [Art/Design Item]

Coldwell, Paul (2010) Interior spaces. [Show/Exhibition]

Cobbing, William (2010) Man in the Planet. [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh (2010) Heads of state. [Art/Design Item]

Behr, Bernd (2010) COMMA 17. [Show/Exhibition]


Wynne, John (2011) Bouncing off the Walls. In: Bouncing off the Walls, 23 March 2011, London College of Communication.

Wynne, John (2011) Installation no 1 for high and low frequencies. [Show/Exhibition]

Taylor, Finlay (2011) Scientists. [Art/Design Item]

Taylor, Finlay (2011) Viva la vida. [Art/Design Item]

Storey, Helen and Ryan, Tony (2011) Catalytic Clothing - Field of Jeans. [Art/Design Item]

Seitz, Dallas (2011) In Search For Lake Victoria. [Show/Exhibition]

Ruggaber, Karin (2011) Camulodunum. [Show/Exhibition]

Ruggaber, Karin (2011) Karin Ruggaber: artist’s talk. In: UWE Fine Art / Art in the City Spring 2011 Lecture Series, 09 Mar - 06 April 2011, Bristol, UK. (Unpublished)

Ruggaber, Karin (2011) Modernism has two faces. [Show/Exhibition]

Ruggaber, Karin (2011) Psychedelica: constellation lamp. [Show/Exhibition]

Ruggaber, Karin (2011) Solo exhibition at the Swiss Church. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2011) CLOUDS | NUAGES. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2011) Fabulae Romanae. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2011) Lucy + Jorge Orta: food water life. Princeton Architectural Press, New York. ISBN 9781568989914

Musgrave, David (2011) David Musgrave. [Show/Exhibition]

Melvin, Jo and Wilson, Andrew and Wallis, Clarrie and Powell, Jenny (2011) Barry Flanagan chronology 1941-1982. In: Barry Flanagan: Early Works 1965-1982. Tate Publishing, London, pp. 130-153. ISBN 9781854379979

Melvin, Jo (2011) No thing to say. In: Barry Flanagan: Early Works 1965-1982. Tate Publishing, London, pp. 53-65. ISBN 9781854379979

McDowell, Felice (2011) Mapping Sculpture in post-war British Fashion Magazines 1945-1951. In: Mapping the Practice and Profession of Sculpture in Britain and Ireland 1851-1951, 25th - 26th February 2011, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Karin, Ruggaber (2011) Savage messiah. [Show/Exhibition]

Gernand, Bruce (2011) Coded chimera: exploring relationships between sculptural form making and biological morphogenesis through computer modelling. [Show/Exhibition]

Gernand, Bruce (2011) Coded chimera: exploring relationships between sculptural form making and biological morphogenesis through computer modelling. Crucible Network, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 0956802206

Dennis, Jeffrey and Barlow, Phyllida and Bainbridge, Eric (2011) Pino Pascali and British sculpture. In: Pino Pascali and British Sculpture, 13th March 2011, Camden Art Centre, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Broadhead, Caroline (2011) Above below. [Show/Exhibition]


Wynne, John (2012) Installation no. 2 for high and low frequencies. [Show/Exhibition]

Thomas, Jennet (2012) SCHOOL OF CHANGE. [Show/Exhibition]

Sturgis, Daniel (2012) Akerman Road. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2012) Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau and OrtaWater Purification Factory - 9th Shanghai Biennial, 2012. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2012) Festival of the World. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2012) Food-Water-Life. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2012) Nature's Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art & Invention. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy (2012) Carbon 12. Art et Changement Climatique. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy (2012) Clouds | Nuages: Lucy + Jorge Orta. Damiani Editore, Milan, Italy. ISBN 9788862082167

Minkin, Louisa and Dawson, Ian (2012) François Willème's Photosculpture Apparatus Reconstructed at WSA. [Art/Design Item]

McDowell, Felice (2012) 'At the Exhibition': the 1948 open-air sculpture exhibition, Battersea Park, in British fashion magazines. Sculpture Journal, 21 (2). pp. 169-181. ISSN 1366-2724

Ingham, Mark (2012) 120 päivää ja yötä hoipertelua + änkytystä (120 Days and Nights Of STAGGERING + STAMMERING). ADDICTION — RIIPUVUUS/HESA INPRINT, 1 (14). pp. 19-23. ISSN 1799-8549 (printed) 1799-8557 (Online)

Donkor, Kimathi (2012) Happening To Be. [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh (2012) Heads of State, Whitechapel Gallery. [Show/Exhibition]


Withers, Rachel (2013) De l’imagination et non de la logique: la physique émotionnelle de Roman Signer. In: Roman Signer: Films Super-8: La nature comme atelier. PLANSécant . Metis Presses, Geneva, pp. 27-38. ISBN 9782940406845

Toop, David (2013) Trap Set. In: Haroon Mirza. A User's Manual. Spike Island, Bristol, pp. 34-35. ISBN 978-0-9574490-0-8

Sperryn-Jones, Joanna (2013) Breaking as making: In what ways can making sculpture contribute to understanding experiences and perceptions of breaking? PhD thesis, University of the Arts London and Norwich University of the Arts.

Simonson, Caryn (2013) Motorcycle Cultures: fashioning bikes, building identities. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2013) Cloud | Meteoros. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2013) Lucy + Jorge Orta 2013. Yorkshire Sculpture Park. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2013) Lucy + Jorge Orta, Potential Architecture. Damiani, Bologna, Italy. ISBN 9788862082907

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2013) Potential Architecture. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2013) Spirits of the Huveaune. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy (2013) Glasstress: White Light | White Heat. [Show/Exhibition]

Gunning, Lucy (2013) Books in Common and Olympia: works from the Kenneth Armitage Foundation Fellowship, 2011 - 2013. [Art/Design Item]

Falconer, Vicky (2013) Some undisclosed points of remove. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby, Pavillionary (Designers) (2013) Measures. Koenig Books, London, UK. ISBN 978-3863354220

Bailey, Paul (2013) Looking for/through/with/amongst/beyond/around Content. [Show/Exhibition]


fitzPatrick, Edwina (2014) Artists’ geographies of the landscape-archive: trace, loss and the impulse to preserve in the Anthropocene Age. PhD thesis, Glasgow School of Art.

fitzPatrick, Edwina (2014) Lost and Found. [Show/Exhibition]

Priest, Colin (2014) St Leonards Foundary. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2014) Cells Diptych. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2014) Food / Water / Life. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2014) Le Havre Ville Monde. [Show/Exhibition]

Melvin, Jo (2014) Two Pataphysicians: Flanagan Miró. Waddington Custot Galleries, London. ISBN 978-0-9576612-3-3

Melvin, Jo (2014) Two Pataphysicians: Flanagan Miró'. [Show/Exhibition]

Kovats, Tania (2014) Where Seas Meet. [Art/Design Item]

Kesseler, Rob (2014) Zona Pellucida; Zona in Vitro; Zona Pellucida - Zona Lucida. [Show/Exhibition]

Ingham, Mark (2014) NO BALL GAMES. [Show/Exhibition]

Fitton, Ben and Shipton, Dylan (2014) GUNSGOOFFTHEMSELVES. [Show/Exhibition]

Falconer, Vicky and Kalodera, Irena (2014) The tongue shapes words all too quickly. [Show/Exhibition]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2014) Afterimage I (2012), Afterimage II, III, IV (2014). [Art/Design Item]

Conran, Maia (2014) Here is the Yard. [Show/Exhibition]

Cobbing, William (2014) The Dimmest Planets. [Show/Exhibition]

Cobbing, William (2014) 'Transactions of the Duddo Field Club'. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2014) A Belgian Fence. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2014) Detours. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2014) The Plastically Parroting. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2014) Quiz. [Show/Exhibition]

Cardwell, Thomas (2014) Faith Once More. [Show/Exhibition]

Bailey, Paul and Wiersma, Yeb (2014) Let's Go Out! Composition #2. [Show/Exhibition]

Bailey, Paul (2014) Die Ausstellung. [Show/Exhibition]

Bagley, Kim (2014) Africa and The West: A Contested Dialogue in Modern and Contemporary Ceramics. PhD thesis, University of Brighton / University for the Creative Arts.

Ahmed, Miraj and Bøhling, Isha and Chorpening, Kelly and D'Avoine, Pierre and Egashira, Shin and Emerson, Tom and Franks, Matt and Kelly, Conor and Kourbaj, Issam and Lee, Jeffrey T Y and Lorenz, Theo and Monroe, Ian and Schweder, Alex and Spragge, Foster and Thatcher, Tony (2014) Between Thought and Space @ Camberwell Space. [Show/Exhibition]

Adam, Grace (2014) Fifty. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) John Flaxman's Hands. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) A Kind of Ladder. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) Modes of Remembrance (catalogue). [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) One Hundred Hassocks. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) Seven Dials Lives. [Art/Design Item]

Adam, Grace (2014) A Wreath. [Art/Design Item]


Wynne, John (2015) Grave. [Art/Design Item]

Talbot, Emma (2015) Memories Turn To Dusk. [Show/Exhibition]

Rumming, Neil (2015) Command-X. [Show/Exhibition]

Priest, Colin (2015) Bay Watch. [Art/Design Item]

Priest, Colin (2015) #blueskythinker. [Art/Design Item]

Pace, Kim (2015) Birmingham Show. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2015) 70 x 7 The Meal act XXXVIII, Leiden, The Netherlands. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2015) Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau - COP21 Paris. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2015) Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau - Nansen Initiative Global Consultation, Geneva. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2015) Arboreal. [Art/Design Item]

Nichols, Claire (2015) Espaços de Vidro. [Art/Design Item]

Musgrave, David (2015) Solo show, greengrassi, London. [Show/Exhibition]

Mey, Adeena and Bovier, François (2015) Exhibited Cinema/Cinéma Exposé. Les presses du réel and ECAL, Dijon and Lausanne. ISBN 978-2-8399-1404-8

Mey, Adeena (2015) Kunsthalle Archaeology / 쿤스트할레 고고학. [Show/Exhibition]

Melvin, Jo and Pavel, Pys (2015) Christine Kozlov: Information. [Show/Exhibition]

Melvin, Jo (2015) Barry Flanagan, black holes and the digital dot: barryflanagan.com. Art Libraries Journal, 40 (2). pp. 31-41. ISSN 03074722

Melvin, Jo (2015) Five Issues of Studio International. Raven Row, London. ISBN 978-0-9930350-1-2

Melvin, Jo (2015) Palindromes: Exchanges between Barry Flanagan and John Latham. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2015) Softly Softly. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2015) Speaking Out. [Show/Exhibition]

Hopkins, Amanda (2015) Thought and memory in Conversation. [Art/Design Item]

Ellard, Graham and Johnstone, Stephen (2015) Anthony McCall: Notebooks and Conversations. Lund Humphries, London. ISBN 978-1-84822-169-7

Ekenger, Sara (2015) Don Quixote. [Show/Exhibition]

Donszelmann, Bernice (2015) all too. [Show/Exhibition]

Conran, Maia and Hill, Yannick (2015) This island, and its buildings, is our private paradise. [Show/Exhibition]

Coldwell, Paul (2015) Material Things: Sculpture and Prints. [Show/Exhibition]

Cobbing, William (2015) 'Terrapolis' group exhibition, Athens, 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Cobbing, William (2015) 'Transactions of the Duddo Field Club' William Cobbing, solo exhibition catalogue. mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art), UK. ISBN 978-0-86083-103-7

Cobbing, William (2015) 'What Are Words Worth?'. [Performance]

Christian, Toby (2015) Archeologia e Architettura. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2015) A Bunch of Keys. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2015) Here is an almost empty bottle... Art Licks, Issue 16, 16.

Christian, Toby (2015) Pedestrian Confetti. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2015) Some Sky. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2015) Two Dirty Charms. [Art/Design Item]

Christian, Toby (2015) You think the only people who are people, are the people who look like you. But if you walk in the footsteps of a stranger, you learn things you never knew you never knew. [Show/Exhibition]

Cardwell, Thomas and Taylor, Jamie (2015) Neon Knights. [Show/Exhibition]

Cain, Ben (2015) Figure Finger Figure Finger Figure Figure Finger. [Art/Design Item]

Cain, Ben (2015) The Material Said Nothing. [Art/Design Item]

Cain, Ben (2015) Resource (exhibition). [Show/Exhibition]

Cain, Ben (2015) The Theatrical Technique of Suggesting Action (Temporary Training Centre). [Art/Design Item]

Cain, Ben (2015) This Poster. [Art/Design Item]

Ball, Oona (2015) BLOOOM - the converging art show 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Ahmed, Miraj and Bøhling, Isha and Chorpening, Kelly and D'Avoine, Pierre and Egashira, Shin and Kourbaj, Issam and Franks, Matt and Lee, Jeffrey T Y and Lorenz, Theo and Monroe, Ian and Spragge, Foster and Thatcher, Tony (2015) Between Thought and Space @ Dilston Grove. [Show/Exhibition]


fitzPatrick, Edwina (2016) Safari Park: Alpha male. [Show/Exhibition]

Terry, Kate (2016) Alpha Beta. [Show/Exhibition]

Terry, Kate (2016) Suspended Space. [Show/Exhibition]

Rupert, Norfolk (2016) The Mobility of Facts. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2016) Antarctica. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2016) Folly - Gazing Ball. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2016) Genius Loci: Spirits of the Emscher Valley. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2016) Lucy + Jorge Orta. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2016) Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2016) Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food & The Public Sphere. 70 x 7 The Meal, HortiRecycling, All in One Basket, Food . Black Dog Publishing London, London. ISBN 9781910433805

Noga, Laurence and Hancock, Hanz and Fraser, Julia and Morrissey, Patrick (2016) Imperfect Reverse Curated by Laurence Noga in Collaboration with Saturation Point Projects. [Art/Design Item]

Musgrave, David (2016) Solo presentation with Luhring Augustine, ADAA Art Show. [Show/Exhibition]

Mullender, Rob (2016) As Above, So Below. [Show/Exhibition]

Mullender, Rob (2016) Works for Air. [Show/Exhibition]

Monroe, Ian (2016) Either Those Curtains. [Show/Exhibition]

Monroe, Ian (2016) The Ontology of Influence. [Show/Exhibition]

Mey, Adeena (2016) 전기 집필로서의 큐레이팅. 영화의 물질적 일대기에 대해 Curating as Biographing. On the Material Life of a Film. In: Practice by Curators. Gallery Factory, Seoul, pp. 30-45. ISBN 978-89-964340-9-2

Melvin, Jo (2016) The British Avant Garde: A joint venture between the New York Cultural Center and Studio International Magazine. British Art Studies (3). ISSN 2058-5462

Melvin, Jo (2016) Facing legacies: what traces might an artworks representation expose? The website https://aboutface.arts.ac.uk/ has been archived by the UK Web Archive (UKWA) and therefore can be found via http://www.webarchive.org.uk/ (Unpublished)

McVeigh, Whitney (2016) Contours. [Art/Design Item]

Gverović, Tina and Cain, Ben (2016) Suzhou Documents. [Show/Exhibition]

Ekenger, Sara (2016) Gone Fishing. [Show/Exhibition]

Donszelmann, Bernice (2016) ‘Thea Djordjadze: Object to Site’. In: Homeless Sculpture, 27 October, 2016, The Whitworth Study Center, Manchester.

Donszelmann, Bernice (2016) it rivers I, II and III. [Show/Exhibition]

Donszelmann, Bernice (2016) to room to roll. [Show/Exhibition]

Cottell, Fran and Mueller, Marianne (2016) Pentagon Petal. [Art/Design Item]

Coldwell, Paul and von Zwehl, Bettina (2016) Setting Memory. [Show/Exhibition]

Clifton, Darryl and Gannon, Rachel (2016) Teh Nw. Varoom: The Journal of the Association of Illustrators (32). pp. 44-48. ISSN 1750-483X

Clarke, Leigh (2016) Hoader Control, Marion de Canniere Artspace, Antwerp, Belgium. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2016) EBC003. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2016) Menos é Mais. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2016) Objects from the Temperate Palm House. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2016) Quiz 2. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2016) Renderuin. [Show/Exhibition]

Christian, Toby (2016) Yearly Shady Fleece. [Art/Design Item]

Christian, Toby (2016) hmm, edition 7. [Show/Exhibition]

Chorpening, Kelly (2016) Immaterial statements. [Art/Design Item]

Chorpening, Kelly (2016) Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016. [Show/Exhibition]

Cain, Ben and Gverović, Tina and Taylor, Alexis (2016) Bodies and Things, Lost and Found. [Art/Design Item]

Cain, Ben (2016) Practical Training. [Show/Exhibition]

Cain, Ben (2016) Workshop and exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Bristow, Maxine (2016) Pragmatics of attachment and detachment: medium (un)specificity as material agency in contemporary art. PhD thesis, Norwich University of the Arts.

Blackmore, David (2016) Undated Fragments on Unofficial Paper. [Art/Design Item]

Bagley, Kim (2016) Extermination Tents: The maker’s perspective on displaying new ceramics. Interpreting Ceramics (17). ISSN 1471-146X

Saturation Point (2016) Imperfect Reverse. [Show/Exhibition]


Wright, Elizabeth A (2017) From the Life to the Locked Room: applying the Chaîne Opératoire to the pedagogy of the copy. Journal of Visual Art Practice, 15 (2-3). pp. 245-260. ISSN 1470-2029

Wright, Elizabeth A (2017) Self-organization. [Show/Exhibition]

White, Duncan (2017) An 'Automatic Escape' or A Beautiful Question'? Cinema and Experimental Film after Michael Fried's 'Art and Objecthood'. Journal of Visual Culture, 16 (1). pp. 103-117. ISSN 1470-4129

Toop, David (2017) Stephen Cripps: Exploding Practice Inevitable. In: Stephen Cripps: Performing Machines. Verlag fur Moderne Kunst/Museum Tinguely, Basle, Switzerland, pp. 25-30. ISBN 978-3-9524392-9-6

Pike, Simon and Peters, Charley and Monroe, Ian (2017) Sea of Data. [Show/Exhibition]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2017) 70 x 7 The Meal act XL. (NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore). [Art/Design Item]

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