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Art/Design Item

Sabin, Roger (2016) The Marie Duval Archive. [Art/Design Item]

McGowan, Mark (2008) Are all Spanish racists? [Art/Design Item]

McGowan, Mark (2007) Artist eats a corgi. [Art/Design Item]

McGowan, Mark (2007) Artist to set fire to himself. [Art/Design Item]

McGowan, Mark (2009) Ballerina Pig outside Scotland Yard. [Art/Design Item]

McGowan, Mark (2007) Big toe sofa chair pull. [Art/Design Item]

McGowan, Mark (2008) World record attempt at musical chairs. [Art/Design Item]

McGowan, Mark (2008) The crying human christmas tree. [Art/Design Item]

Coupland, Geoffrey and Coupland, Orson (2015) PigWooL @ Yuri Suzuki's Imaginary Record Shop, Tate Modern Turbine Festival. [Art/Design Item]

Child, Lottie, Furtherfield (2008) Peckham Street Training. [Art/Design Item]

Calvert, Sheena M. and Borstrock, Shaun and Bloomfield, Mark and Brownhill, Pete (2015) 3d Printed Book. Artist's experiment. 3rd edition. [Art/Design Item]

Calvert, Sheena M. (2014) The Cruelty of the Classical Canon. [Art/Design Item]

Ball, Ralph (2013) Very Light Box. [Art/Design Item]


Zeilig, Hannah and Killick, John and Fox, Chris (2014) The participative arts for people living with a dementia: a critical review. International Journal of Ageing and Later Life. ISSN 1652-8670

Willcocks, Judy (2017) Creative solutions: What can art and design pedagogy bring to social prescribing programmes? Spark: UAL Creative Teaching and Learning Journal, 3 (2). pp. 39-44. ISSN 2397-6594

Walsh, Maria (2011) Adrian Piper: race, gender, and embodiment. Art Monthly (348). ISSN 01426702

Walsh, Maria (2011) Corpus: Mary Kelly interviewed by Maria Walsh. Art Monthly (346). pp. 1-4. ISSN 0142-6702

Walsh, Maria (2011) Diane Thater. Art Monthly (344). ISSN 0142-6702

Walsh, Maria (2011) Douglas Gordon: k.364. Art Monthly (345). ISSN 0142-6702

Walsh, Maria (2010) Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Parasol Unit, London. Art Monthly (335). pp. 26-27. ISSN 01426702

Walsh, Maria (2011) Film space: invisible sculpture: Jane and Louise Wilson’s haptic visuality. Quarterly Review of Film and Video, 28 (2). pp. 155-161. ISSN 10509208/15435326

Walsh, Maria (2015) From Critique to Resistance to Autonomy: Alex Bag Meets Ann Hirsch. Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ), 4 (1&2). pp. 13-41. ISSN 2045-6298

Walsh, Maria (2010) Hannah Sawtell. Art Monthly (336). p. 38. ISSN 0142-6702

Walsh, Maria (2010) James Coupe: today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days. Art Monthly (340). p. 37. ISSN 0142-6702

Walsh, Maria (2010) Melanie Gilligan: popular unrest, Chisenhale Gallery, London. Art Monthly (337). ISSN 0142-6702

Walsh, Maria (2012) Re-enacting cinema at the crossroads: Nicky Coutts’ passing place. The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ), 1 (1). pp. 69-77. ISSN 2045-6298, 2045-6301

Orr, Susan (2019) Demoncratizing Knowledge in Art and Design Education. Art Design and Communication in Higher Education, 18 (2). pp. 131-133. ISSN 1474-273X

Mayer, Hansjörg and Brown, Eleanor Vonne and Grandal Montero, Gustavo (2013) Art as collaboration: 50 years of Edition Hansjörg Mayer. Artist’s Book Yearbook 2014 - 2015. pp. 64-75. ISSN 978-1-906501-07-5

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Kaplish, Lalita and Lawes, Elizabeth (2004) In edition: artists’ multiples in an academic library. Art Libraries Journal, 29 (3). pp. 37-42. ISSN 03074722

Hewett, Richard (2016) Essentially English: Sherlock Holmes at the BBC. The Journal of British Cinema and Television, 13 (1). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1755-1714

Grandal Montero, Gustavo and Hirata Tanaka, Ana Paula and Foden-Lenahan, Erica (2013) Defending the aesthetic: the conservation of an artist’s book. Art Libraries Journal, 38 (1). pp. 32-37. ISSN 03074722

Grandal Montero, Gustavo (2012) Artists’ books in HE teaching and learning. The Blue Notebook, 7 (1). pp. 36-43. ISSN 17511712

Grandal Montero, Gustavo (2012) Biennalization? What biennalization?: the documentation of biennials and other recurrent exhibitions. Art Libraries Journal, 37 (1). pp. 13-23. ISSN 03074722

Gilmour, Sarah (2011) Regeneration King's Cross: the Central Saint Martin's College of Art relocation project. Art Libraries Journal, 36 (1). pp. 22-27. ISSN 03074722

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Cairns, Jon (2018) Critical Closeness, Intimate Distance: Encounters in the Love Art Laboratory. Journal of Visual Art Practice, 16 (3). ISSN 1470-2029

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Asbury, Michael (2011) Antonio Manuel: Ocupações / Descobrimentos. (des)locações / (dis)locations.

Asbury, Michael (2010) Barbarella: Cravo e Canela. Ernesto Neto: Intimacy.


Hatton, Kate (2015) Towards an Inclusive Arts Education. Trentham @ IOE PRESS, London. ISBN 978-1-85856-654-2

Grandal Montero, Gustavo and Glancy, Emily (2009) Chelsea College of Art & Design Library: Special Collections Guide. Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London, London. ISBN 978-0-902612-13-6

Grandal Montero, Gustavo and Glancy, Emily (2008) Chelsea College of Art & Design Library: Special Collections Guide. Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London, London. ISBN 978-0-902612-08-2

Cummings, Neil (2011) Parade: public modes of assembly and forms of address. BRIGHT . CCW Graduate School, London, UK. ISBN 9780955862830

Cummings, Neil (2011) Self portrait: Arnolfini [publication]. Arnolfini, Bristol, UK. ISBN 9780956888617

Book Section

Walsh, Maria (2016) ‘Archiving Loss in The Green Backyard: Jessie Brennan’s Recollection-objects’. In: Re: development: Voices, Cyanotypes & Writings from The Green Backyard. Metal, Peterborough, pp. 88-90.

Thorpe, Adam and Prendiville, Alison and Rhodes, Sarah and Salinas, Lara (2016) Public Collaboration Lab. In: Proceedings of the 14th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Interactive Exhibitions, Workshops. ACM Digital Library, New York, USA.

Stevenson, Caroline (2015) Identity, research and the arts curriculum: Counterstorytelling as academic practice. In: Towards an Inclusive Arts Education. Trentham Books, London. ISBN 978-1-85856-654-2

Rhodes, Sarah (2013) Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective: Southern Africa. In: Contemporary Jewelry In Perspective. Lark, USA, pp. 172-186. ISBN 145470277X

Passera, Mark (2016) Tourism and Advertising as Creative Industry Sector. In: Tourism and Advertising as Creative Industry Sector: Theories, polices and practice. Routledge, UK, pp. 58-68. ISBN 978-1-138-83270-1

McMillan, Michael (2006) The West Indian Front Room: migrant aesthetics in the home. In: Imagined Interiors: Representing the Domestic Interior since the Renaissance. V&A Publishing, pp. 242-243. ISBN 9781851774937

Love, Kate (2000) Experience and the Expectancy of Speech. In: Making a Scene: Performing Culture into Politics (Performativity and Peerformance in Contemporary Politics and Art Practice). Art-dialogue-education series . ARTicle Press, University of Central England, Birmingham, UK, pp. 21-33. ISBN 1873352972, 9781873352977

Love, Kate (2005) The Experience of art as a living through of language. In: After criticism new responses to art and performance. New interventions in art history, 4 . Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA, pp. 156-176. ISBN 0631232834, 9780631232834, 0631232842, 9780631232841

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2015) Archiving to Oblivion. In: A Story Within A Story...the 8th Goteborg International Biennial For Contemporary Art. Art And Theory Publishing, Gothenburg. ISBN 9789188031198

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2019) Cortocircuitos del museo y la autonomía. In: ¡Autonomía! ¡Autonomización! TEA, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, pp. 126-142. ISBN 978-84-947065-9-2

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2011) Inter/Multi/Cross/Trans. The Uncertain Territory of Art Theory in the Age of Academic Capitalism. In: Inter-Multi-Cross-Trans. The Uncertain Territory of Art Theory in the Age of Academic Capitalism. Montehermoso, Vitoria Gasteiz, pp. 187-191. ISBN 978-84-96845-44-3

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2018) A constituent education. In: The Constituent Museum. Valiz, Amsterdam, pp. 128-131. ISBN 9789492095428

Gamman, Lorraine and Raein, Maziar (2010) Reviewing the art of crime - what, if anything, do criminals and artists/designers have in common? In: The Dark Side of Creativity. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 155-177. ISBN 9780521139601

Eysler, Adriana, Precarious Workers Brigade (2019) Ausbildung zur Ausbeutung? Einleitung zur Materialsammlung Training for Exploitation. In: Kritische Kreativität - Perspektiven auf Arbeit, Bildung, Lifestyle und Kunst. [transcript], Bielefeld, pp. 219-236. ISBN 978-3-8376-4619-1

Dibosa, David (2014) Fugitive Direction: Reflections on the Troppen Museum. In: Amateur: Wendelien van Oldenborgh. Berlin: Sternberg Press, pp. 161-184. ISBN 9783956791918

Crowley, Matthew (2020) The Causeway. In: Beyond: An Anthology. Hyperidean Press, Edinburgh, pp. 85-101. ISBN 978 1 9163767 2 4

Barnett, Heather (2013) The Liquidity of Knowledge: Learning across Disciplinary Divides. In: For the Love of Learning: Innovation from Outstanding University Teachers. Palgrave Teaching and Learning . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 11-20. ISBN 9781137334299

Asbury, Michael (2011) Flans and urnas quentes by Antonio Manuel. In: Antonio Manuel: Art Catalogue. Americas Society, New York, USA.

Asbury, Michael (2013) Miguel Palma: man, machine and motion: night, night, Mr Tenjag. In: Miguel Palma, Jaguar Project. University of Warwick, Coventry, UK. ISBN 978-0957040441

Conference, Symposium or Workshop Item

Zeilig, Hannah (2014) Arts Projects as Community Networks for People with Dementia. In: 1st workshop on Medical Humanities and Ageing, 10 December 2014, King's College London. (Unpublished)

Zeilig, Hannah (2014) The role of the arts for the dementia care workforce. In: 8th International Conference on Cultural Gerontology, University of Ireland, Galway.

Williams, Dilys and Mair, Carolyn (2013) Experiencing Fashion - Better Lives Lecture Series. In: Experiencing Fashion - Better Lives Lecture Series, 29 May 2013, London College of Fashion.

Williams, Dilys (2013) Sustainability in Fashion. In: Sustainability in Fashion, 8 July 2013, National Portrait Gallery, London.

Williams, Dilys (2008) Talk: Poison and Antidote. In: Poison and Antidote Cornelia Parker exhibition, 13 Feb - 30 March 2008, Whitechapel Gallery.

Walsh, Maria (2010) Haptic visuality in Jane and Louise Wilson and Salla Tykkä. In: Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, 15-17 April 2010, Glasgow, Scotland. (Unpublished)

Trangmar, Susan and White, Duncan and Ball, Steven (2013) sensingsite 2. In: sensingsite 2, 16-17 April 2013, Parasol unit, London.

Stephens, Tim (2016) Hypo and Hyper Sensitivity in the Art Teaching Environment. In: Learning and Teaching Day, 13 January 2016, London College of Fashion, John Princes Street.

Stephens, Tim (2017) Research through Practice: Creative Dialogue. In: Research_Alive Symposium RCA,, 9 June 2017, London.

Stephens, Tim (2017) Rewilding the Arts through Pedagogy. In: Learning and Teaching Day, 2017 Cultivating Curiosity: exploring the design of teaching and learning at UAL, 21 March 2017, Central Saint Martins.

Revell, Tobias (2019) 5 Reasons Why Speculative Design Won't Save The World. In: Speculative Futures London, 19 February 2019, London, UK.

Plessner, Daphne (2011) Citizen artist press: independent publishing and the status of the self. In: To be confirmed, Autumn 2011, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Plessner, Daphne (2010) The citizen artist: an expanded discussion. In: Photography Forum: Photographic Portraiture – Transgressive and Transformative Potentials, 5 November 2010, London, UK.

Horton, Ian (2010) Wilhelm Sandberg’s experimenta typographica: domestic origins and post-war impact. In: Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, University of Glasgow (Conference Session - Supplementary Conflicts: Domesticities and Life Histories in Wartime), 15 - 17 April 2010, Glasgow, Scotland.

Hibbett, Mark (2019) Dr Doom: The Transmedia Supervillain. In: Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Comics and Bande Dessinées, 24 - 28 June 2019, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Hibbett, Mark (2020) Toward A Tool For Measuring Transmedia Character Coherence. In: 15th Annual Conference of the German Society for Comic Studies, 8-10 October 2020, Tuebingen, Germany (and online).

Hibbett, Mark (2019) You will clearly understand why fans everywhere are calling this “The Marvel Age Of Comics”: Using a Production Of Culture approach to periodise superhero comics. In: Comics Forum 2019, 7 - 8 November 2019, Leeds, United Kingdom.

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2017) "La vida sigue igual". In: Historia de un Incidente, 22nd August 2017, Lanzarote.

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2010) Living, Working, Playing. In: Piensa Madrid 3, 22 September 2010, Casa Encendida, Madrid.

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2017) Nuevos Modelos de Trabajo y Sectores. In: Gabinete de Cultura, Nuevas Perspectivas del Sector Cultural, 24-25 May 2017, Goethe Institut, Madrid.

Hernández Velázquez, Yaiza María (2016) The critique of labour and the work of critique. In: Subjects for sale: labour precariousness and professional practices in the art world, 25th November 2016, Centre d'Art Santa Mònica.

Grandal Montero, Gustavo (2011) Cataloguing art ephemera and artefacts in libraries. In: Cataloguing art materials, 15 December 2011, Christie’s Education, London.

Finch, Mick (2014) Dead and Alive: Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas. In: Headstone to Hard Drive, Monument to Folly 1, 25 October 2014, CSM.

Cummings, Neil (2014) More things can happen than will, or have. In: UAL Professorial Platform Series 2013-14, 19 June 2014, Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU.

Asbury, Michael (2010) Antonio Manuel: a instalação como pintura: pintura como instalação (painting and installation in the work of Manuel Antonio). In: The Contemporary Painting and (m) of their fields, 2010, Porto Alegre, Brazil. (Unpublished)

Asbury, Michael (2011) Dislocations and transitions in the work of Antonio Manuel. In: Antonio Manuel Symposium, October 2011, New York, USA. (Unpublished)

Asbury, Michael (2012) Hélio Oiticica: what I do is music, América Latina, extranjería y la pertenencia cultural: Artes visuales y música en los años sesenta. In: LASA2012 / Toward a Third Century of Independence in Latin America, 23rd - 26th May 2012, San Francisco, USA. (Unpublished)


Milic, Nela (2021) Assemblages of Design Social Design is Responsive Design. UNSPECIFIED.

Hibbett, Mark (2020) How do readers understand character identities when they appear in both the text and paratext of a comic? UNSPECIFIED.

Cussans, John and Trayner, Jon and Cooper, Andrew and Kenning, Dean and Wilson-Perkin, Phillip (2010) The Free School in a New Dark Age. UNSPECIFIED.


Spencer, Michael, Eight S1 & S2 students from the MA Performance Design & Practice (2015) p e r f o r m 2 4 1 1 1 5. [Performance]

McGowan, Mark (2008) Ancient curse invoked on Boris Johnson. [Performance]


Willcocks, Marcus and Malpass, Matt and Toylan, Gamze (2014) Graffolution D2.1 - Graffiti vandalism in public areas and transport report and categorisation model. Technical Report. SYNYO Gmbh, Online.

Salinas, Lara (2019) Understanding Knowledge Exchange at University of the Arts London. Other. University of the Arts London, London.

Roth, Cara Lee and Hanceri, Ellen and Johnston, Amanda (2015) Postgraduate Project: Industry Engagement. Discussion Paper. University of the Arts London. (Unpublished)

Roth, Cara Lee and Beddoe, Stephen and Wells, Ismaril and Mills, Katie (2014) SEE Performance Report. Project Report. University of the Arts London, London. (Unpublished)

Deakin, Fred and Webb, Charlotte (2016) Discovering the Post-Digital Art School. Project Report. UAL, Fred and Company, London.


Walsh, Maria, Subjectivity and Feminisms Research Group (2010) Peepshow: in memory of you. [Show/Exhibition]

Tan, Erika (2015) Erika Tan, Halimah-the-Empire-Exhibition-weaver-who-died-whilst-performing-her-craft. [Show/Exhibition]

Spencer, Michael (2009) Vindication. [Show/Exhibition]

Plessner, Daphne, Citizen Artists Team (2011) The citizen artist mobile armband. [Show/Exhibition]

McMillan, Michael, Dubmorphology (2015) Rockers, Soulheads & Lovers: Sound Systems back in da Day. [Show/Exhibition]

McMillan, Michael (2005) The West Indian Front Room: Memories and Impressions of Black British Homes. [Show/Exhibition]

McGowan, Mark (2008) Man buried in sand on Margate Beach for 48 hours. [Show/Exhibition]

Deddens, Bernadette and Mukai, Tetsuo (2016) XYZ...ABC. [Show/Exhibition]

Cummings, Neil (2011) Self portrait: Arnolfini. [Show/Exhibition]

Bond, Peter and Lee, Adrian and Brown, Kate and Keay, Steve (2019) Performance in the Expanded Field. [Show/Exhibition]

Bond, Peter (2010) Lord and lady and masterplan. [Show/Exhibition]

Bannerman, Margot (2010) Bee-Stop. [Show/Exhibition]

Asbury, Michael (2010) Anna Maria Maiolino. [Show/Exhibition]

Asbury, Michael (2010) Anna Maria Maiolino: continuous. [Show/Exhibition]

Asbury, Michael (2017) Purity is a Myth: the monochrome in contemporary art. [Show/Exhibition]

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