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Art/Design Item

Wingfield, Rachel and Gmachl, Mathias (2004) Blumen Wallpaper. [Art/Design Item]

Wingfield, Rachel (2006) Sonumbra, a responsive architectural textile project. [Art/Design Item]

Tillotson, Jenny and Andre, Adeline (2005) 'Smart Second Skin'. [Art/Design Item]

Thorogood, Simon (2011) Projextiles3. [Art/Design Item]

Thorogood, Simon (2015) Texturel. [Art/Design Item]

Storey, Helen and Ryan, Tony (2011) Catalytic Clothing. [Art/Design Item]

Shellard, Jennifer (2008) Light Cloth. [Art/Design Item]

Shellard, Jennifer (2010) Light cloth exhibit. [Art/Design Item]

Shellard, Jennifer (2005) Reflect 1 and Reflect 2 (textiles). [Art/Design Item]

Shellard, Jennifer (2004) Tradition and Innovation. [Art/Design Item]

Round, Kathryn and Bowles, Melanie (2014) Smorgasboard Skirt and Smorgasboard Design Tool. [Art/Design Item]

Round, Kathryn (2015) Keep it Country. [Art/Design Item]

Pritchard, Eleanor (2004) Atrium Panels for the National Trust New Central Office. [Art/Design Item]

Pritchard, Eleanor (2001) Couture Work for Christian Lacroix. [Art/Design Item]

Politowicz, Kay and Goldsworthy, Kate and Granberg, Hjalmar (2018) Pulp-It (Fast Forward Fashion). [Art/Design Item]

Pierce, Jo and Brock, Philippa (2016) The Houndstooth Wall - Houndstooth Parquet: 32:64. [Art/Design Item]

Pierce, Jo (2005) DIY footstool. [Art/Design Item]

Pierce, Jo (2010) Lost in Digital. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy and Orta, Jorge (2015) 70 x 7 The Meal act XXXVIII, Leiden, The Netherlands. [Art/Design Item]

Orta, Lucy, HMP Downview Prison (2018) Procession Banners. [Art/Design Item]

Marr, Anne and Hoyes, Rebecca (2017) Glazed Grids. [Art/Design Item]

Kenny, Polly and Thomson, Sue (2005) Fragments 1 Fragments 2. [Art/Design Item]

Kenny, Polly (2015) Fragment. [Art/Design Item]

Kenny, Polly (2006) Fragments 3 (Digital lace neckpiece). [Art/Design Item]

Kenny, Polly (2011) Practice based textile outcomes. [Art/Design Item]

Kenny, Polly (2015) Rites of Passage. [Art/Design Item]

Kenny, Andrew (2011) MA Textiles, Royal College of Art, Final Show. [Art/Design Item]

Isaac, Ceri and Ujiie, Hitoshi (2006) Virtual Fruit. [Art/Design Item]

Hornbuckle, Rosie (2016) 112: Textile Waste Samples. [Art/Design Item]

Harvey, Bridget (2016) Shavasana Shirts. [Art/Design Item]

Harris, Jane (2004) Empress's New Clothes. [Art/Design Item]

Harris, Jane (2006) Lady with Ankh Cross (4th century A.D. portrait). [Art/Design Item]

Harris, Jane (2007) Potential Beauty. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsworthy, Kate and Telfer, David (2016) Full Circle: Ready-finished and Recoverable Fashion. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsworthy, Kate (2010) Laser Line. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsworthy, Kate (2014) Laser Line 2D: Zero Waste Dress. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsworthy, Kate (2009) Mono Finishing. [Art/Design Item]

Goldsworthy, Kate (2006) MultiSheers. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca and Spurgin, Karen (2015) Shanghai Shirt II. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca and Goldsworthy, Kate (2008) Heritage Lace Shirts. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca and Goldsworthy, Kate (2008) Twice Upcycled Shirts. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca and Geesin, Frances (2010) Jabot shirt: trash fashion... designing out waste in the fashion industry. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca and Fletcher, Kate (2003) No Wash Sweatshirt. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca and Dodd, Isabel (2014) Shanghai Shirt, 'Green'. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2018) Fashion Fascia. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2013) Fractal Shirt. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2007) Palm Print Polyester Shirt, Top 100 Collection, shown at Refashioned: From Waste to Wear at the Science Museums Dana Centre, London Fashion Week, February 2007. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2014) ReDressing Activism Shirt. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2018) Service Shirt. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2010) Shirt from the Worn Again Project. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2017) Silence Shirt (Long Sleeves). [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2017) Silence Shirt (Short Sleeves). [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2010) Template Shirts. [Art/Design Item]

Earley, Rebecca (2010) reTHINK! template shirt. [Art/Design Item]

Delamore, Philip (2003) Digital Leather and Textile prints and large scale canvas installation. [Art/Design Item]

Delamore, Philip (2006) Prior2Lever (with United Nude). [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2012) Biolace, animation. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2012) Biolace, the photographs. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2019) Botanical Fur. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2015) Future Hybrids. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2012) Lace doilly. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2009) Pop Up Lace. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2016) Self-patterned Mycelium Rubber and Mycelium Lace. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2008) Suicidal Textiles. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2005) Tactile Shadows. [Art/Design Item]

Collet, Carole (2005) Toile de Hackney, Surface Design Exhibition, London Business Design Centre. [Art/Design Item]

Cocks, Malcolm (2000) Abstract. [Art/Design Item]

Cocks, Malcolm (2000) Fractal landscape (colourway). [Art/Design Item]

Cocks, Malcolm (2000) Fractal landscape 2 (colourway). [Art/Design Item]

Cardwell, Thomas and Sanders, Nigel (2019) Black Doom Church. [Art/Design Item]

Cain, Ben (2015) Throw it Again (Companions). [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa and Dempsey, Samuel Plant and Veja, Priti (2016) Weaving Futures: Sensory Responsive Objects. [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa (2017) 1580: Space & Volume in the Third Dimension. [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa (2003) Lace #1 - CAD/CAM Industrial Woven Jacquard Design. [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa (2017) Monsters: Second life? [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa (2008) Self Assembly. [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa (2010) Self fold #2. [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa (2010) Self fold 1. [Art/Design Item]

Brock, Philippa (2016) X- Form Palimpsest The Houndstooth Wall. [Art/Design Item]

Bowles, Melanie (2010) Digital shibori. [Art/Design Item]

Bowles, Melanie (2010) The wallpaper dress. [Art/Design Item]

Bloomer, Lisa (2015) Linen and Silk. [Art/Design Item]

Bigwood, Fleet (2006) Printed textiles for Giles fashion collection. [Art/Design Item]

Bigwood, Fleet (2006) Printed textiles for Louis Vuitton fashion collection. [Art/Design Item]

Araujo, Ana and de Bruijn, Willem, Scintiss, Belgium (2010) Graverdure. [Art/Design Item]

Araujo, Ana and de Bruijn, Willem (2011) Graverdure wallpaper. [Art/Design Item]


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Book Section

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Conference, Symposium or Workshop Item

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