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da Gandra, Maria["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]van Neck, Maaike (2014) InformForm. In: VISUALIZEDio London: Exploring the evolution of communication at the intersection of data, storytelling and design, 22 November 2014, London.

da Gandra, Maria["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]van Neck, Maaike (2014) InformForm – a platform and publication series. In: IDC 2014: Information Design Matters, 7-8 April 2014, Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD.

da Gandra, Maria["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]van Neck, Maaike (2012) Information Design: in theory, an informed practice. InformForm (1). Mwmcreative Ltd, London. ISBN 9780956706911

da Gandra, Maria["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]van Neck, Maaike (2014) Information design: in practice, an informed theory. InformForm (2). Mwmcreative Ltd, London. ISBN 9780956706928

Ziesche, Anna-Nicole (2011) Childhood Storage. [Art/Design Item]

Ziesche, Anna-Nicole (2011) Childhood storage: maquette. [Art/Design Item]

Windle, Amanda["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Green, Phil (2011) Metadata and the DigiLab. In: The Internet of Things Specialist Workshop, 1st July 2011, London College of Fashion.

Windle, Amanda["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Gibbs, Ian (2011) Becoming and Belonging - Cross Borders of Research and Enteprise. In: Staff Development Day, July 2011, London College of Communication.

Windle, Amanda["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Burley, Tim["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Lane, Ollie, Artsdepot (2015) 65+ Membership Scheme. Project Report. Nesta, Nesta.

Windle, Amanda (2011) Considering simplicity and dexterity in an open and closed internet of things. Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (04). (Unpublished)

Windle, Amanda (2012) Video interview on enterprise and research at the DigiLab. Co-Creating the Future.

Windle, Amanda (2012) Virtual reenactments of studio practice: assembling a digi-lab through case studies of virtual and online inscription. In: Biennial Conference of 4S and EASST, 17th - 20th October 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Windle, Amanda (2014) Visualising Complex Data: A Workshop Approach to Infographics and Knowledge Transmission. In: 4S and ESOCITES, 19-23rd August 2014, 4S, Buenos Aires.

Weinmayr, Eva (2010) The definition of artistic activity occurs, first of all, in the field of distribution. Publication as Practice #7. In: Publication as Practice #7., Jan - July 2010, London.

Walsh, Maria (2011) You've got me under your spell: the entranced spectator. In: Screen/Space: The Projected Image in Contemporary Art. Rethinking Art's Histories (4). Manchester University Press, Manchester, UK, pp. 111-125. ISBN 9780719084638, 0719084636

Varley, Rosemary["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Phiri, Edwin (2011) Incorporating heritage, creativity and cross curricular collaboration to foster holistic understanding of brand development from concept to consumer. In: 13th Annual Conference for the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes: Fashion between heritage and innovation luxury, 13-14 April 2011, Paris, France.

Triggs, Teal (2011) Visual Communication: a special issue. Sage Journals Online, 10 (3). Sage Publications, London, UK. (In Press)

Thorogood, Simon J. (2014) Couture Graphique: Beyond A Label. [Show/Exhibition]

Thorogood, Simon J. (2014) Shifting Paradigms. Fashion + Technology. [Show/Exhibition]

Thorogood, Simon (2011) Projextiles3. [Art/Design Item]

Thorogood, Simon (2010) StarD. [Art/Design Item]

Tchalenko, John["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Miall, R. Chris (2009) Eye-hand strategies in copying complex lines. Cortex, 45 (3). pp. 368-376. ISSN 0010-9452

Tchalenko, John (2001) Eye-Hand Coordination in Portrait Drawing. In: 11th European Conference on Eye Movements,, 22-25 August 2001, Turku Finland.

Tchalenko, John (2002) The Needle in a Haystack: Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Tchalenko, John (2001) Quantitative Analysis of Eye Control in Surgical Skill Assessment. In: 11th European Conference on Eye Movements,, 22-25 August 2001, Turku Finland. (Unpublished)

Sture, Lars["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Creamer, Anne-Marie["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Berge, Kjetil (2012) Kome til deg i Tidende – a meta newspaper. [Art/Design Item]

Stiff, Andy["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Noor, Nina (2006) Temporal Facades. [Show/Exhibition]

Stiff, Andy["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]D-Fuse, (2003) Sonicity_Archeology of the Future. [Show/Exhibition]

Stiff, Andy (2004) The City Quartered. [Art/Design Item]

Stevenson, Caroline["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Charalambous, Tony["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Finnigan, Terry["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Rose, Winston["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Scrivener, Chloe["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Hamilton Butler, James["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Fernandes, Gavin (2011) Disruption: A Fashion Performance. [Performance]

Simonson, C L (2015) Telling Stories: Brand Revival, from motorcycle clothing to luxury fashion. In: 5th International Journal of Motorcycle Studies, 16-19 July 2015, Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Birmingham Alabama, US.

Sabin, Roger (2014) Ally Sloper, Victorian comic book hero: interpreting a comedy type. In: Visual Communication. Handbooks of communication science, 4 . De Gruyter Mouton, Berlin, pp. 429-444. ISBN 9783110255492

Rowland, D["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Porter, D["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Gibson, M["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Walker, Kevin, Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham, Giant Thumb, Northumbria University, London Knowledge Lab (2010) Sequential art for science and computer-human interaction. In: 28th international conference on Human factors in computing systems, 10-15 Apr 2010, Atlanta, US.

Ross, Rebecca (2013) Picturing the Profession: The View from Above and the Civic Imaginary in Burnham's Plans. Journal of Planning History, 12 (3). pp. 269-281. ISSN 1538-5132

Rogers, Angela Susan (2008) Drawing Encounters: A practice-led investigation into collaborative drawing as a means of revealing tacit elements of one-to-one social encounter. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Roberts-Bowman, Sarah (2015) Visual Communication and Organisational Change: Interdisciplinary Approaches Linking Arts, Communication and Management. In: EUPRERA Annual Congress. The Management Game of Communication: How PR/ Corporate Communication Supports Organizations and What Communicators Can Learn from Management Disciplines, 1-3 October 2015, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway.

Rennie, Paul (2005) An investigation into the design, production and display contexts of industrial safety posters produced by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents during WW2 and a catalogue of posters. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Quinn, Malcolm (2006) On Liberty and Art. In: On Liberty and Art, 18/10/2006, Tate Britain.

Quinn, Malcolm (2006) Practice-Led Research and the Engagement With Truth. In: Proceeds of Reflections on Creativity. Duncan of Jordanstone College, Dundee University. ISBN 1899837566

Pontis, Sheila Victoria (2012) Guidelines for conceptual design to assist diagram creators in information design practice. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Palmer, Val["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Cole Phillips, Jennifer["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Lupton, Ellen["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Miller, Rosalind["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Doust, Richard["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Sparshott, Steve["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Wilkinson, John["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Austin, Patricia (2005) Dependence Daze. [Art/Design Item]

October, Dene (2012) The Bowie-Newton in 'The Man Who Fell to Earth'. In: Strange Fascination? A Symposium on David Bowie, 26th - 28th October 2012, University of Limerick.

Ocean, Humphrey (2004) Portrait of Ruby. [Art/Design Item]

O'Riley, Tim (2010) Accidental journey. Ponsonby Press, London, UK. ISBN 9780956228604

O'Riley, Tim (2010) (From) A to B (and back). Printed Project (13). pp. 18-23. ISSN 16494075

Nencini, Peter (2009) Star City. Visual Communication, 8 (3). p. 317. ISSN 1470-3572

Morra, Giovanna["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Smith, Marquard (2006) Visual Culture: Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies. Routledge, London. ISBN 0415326419

Morra, Giovanna["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Smith, Marquard (2010) Visual culture studies. In: The Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 9781405183123

Miall, R. Chris["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Gowen, Emma["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Tchalenko, John (2009) Drawing cartoon faces - a functional imaging study of the cognitive neuroscience of drawing. Cortex, 45 (3). pp. 394-406. ISSN 0010-9452

Melvin, Joanna (2013) John Latham and Peter Townsend. NOIT, 1 (1). pp. 36-41. ISSN 9781908971289

McCoy, Katherine["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Triggs, Teal["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Van Toorn, Jan (2002) Undiscovered delights. Visual Communication, 1 (3). pp. 326-335. ISSN 14703572

Martinez, Yvan["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Trees, Joshua (2013) Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education. Booksfromthefuture, London, UK. ISBN 9780957350915

Makryniotis, Thomas (2011) DressCode. [Show/Exhibition]

Lioy, Andrea (2014) The uniqueness of the art student vs institutional homogenization: a study of creative writing as a dialectic process to bridge the gap between international students’ expectations and UK teaching methods in an art university. In: The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, April 3-6 2014, Osaka, Japan.

Kul-want, Christopher (2007) Introducing Aesthetics. Icon Books Ltd. ISBN 1840467908

Kreider, Kristen["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]O'Leary, James (2010) Memento mori. Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 15 (1). ISSN 13528165/14699990

Kikuchi, Yuko (2007) Refracted Modernity: Visual Culture and Identity in Colonial Taiwan. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. ISBN 9780824830502

Kesseler, Rob (2008) A new phytopia. infocus Magazine (The Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society) (10). pp. 31-61. ISSN 1750-4740

Jewitt, Carey["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Triggs, Teal (2006) Screens and the social landscape (Editorial). Visual Communication, 5 (2). pp. 131-140. ISSN 1470-3572

Ingham, Mark (2014) ART III Limits of Unprotected AREAS. [Art/Design Item]

Ingham, Mark (2012) From Wish You Where Here? to GAMSWEN and onto Designed Dissertations: Connecting the design studio with writing in design. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 5 (2). pp. 301-318. ISSN 17535190

Hunter, Tom, University College London (2011) Caravaggio yesterday and today: art, genius and legend. In: Caravaggio Yesterday and Today: Art, Genius and Legend, 28 january 2011, University College London.

Hunter, Tom (2010) The Ghetto. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2010) Murder, two men wanted. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2010) The Way Home. [Art/Design Item]

Hunter, Tom (2010) A palace for us. [Show/Exhibition]

Hamann, Sigune (2013) In the name of. [Show/Exhibition]

Gronlund, Melissa (2011) Circuits and subterfuge: Emily Wardill and the body imaginary. Afterall, 28. ISSN 14654253

Gronlund, Melissa (2010) Duncan Campbell in conversation with Melissa Gronlund. In: Duncan Campbell. Film and Video Umbrella Tramway, London, UK, pp. 35-50. ISBN 9781904270324

Gronlund, Melissa (2010) Karl Holmqvist: making space. Afterall, 25. pp. 90-97. ISSN 14654253

Gronlund, Melissa (2009) Mapping nought to sixty. In: Nought to sixty: 60 projects, 6 months. Institute of Contemporary Arts London, London, UK, pp. 10-15. ISBN 9781900300599

Gronlund, Melissa (2010) Workshop. In: Rotterdam dialogues: the critics, the curators, the artists. Post Editions, Utrecht, pp. 48-49. ISBN 9789460830174

Gronlund, Melissa (2009) The manifesto: what’s in it for us? In: Manifesto Marathon. Marathon events at London's Serpentine gallery (3). Buchhandlung Walther Konig GmbH & Co, London, UK, pp. 12-16. ISBN 9783865606945

Francis, Mary Anne (2005) The Blooming Commons. [Art/Design Item]

Francis, Mary Anne (2002) The Faust Supplement. [Art/Design Item]

Faure Walker, James (2013) Foreword, in 'Perceptions of Knowledge Visualization: Explaining Concepts through Meaningful Images'. In: Perceptions of Knowledge Visualization: Explaining Concepts through Meaningful Images. Idea Group, IGI Global, USA. ISBN 1466647035

Faure Walker, James (2012) Getting closer to nature: artists in the lab. In: Biologically-Inspired Computing for the Arts: Scientific Data through Graphics. IGI Global, Hershey, PA, pp. 322-336. ISBN 9781466609426

Faure Walker, James (2011) On not being able to draw a mousetrap. The International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics (IJCICG).Special Issue: Visualization Aesthetics, Criticism, and Design, 2 (1). pp. 99-115. ISSN 19473117

Farthing, Stephen["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Webb-Ingall, Edward (2013) Derek Jarman's sketchbooks. Thames & Hudson, London; New York. ISBN 9780500516942

Farthing, Stephen (2011) Artists in residence. In: Engaging and Creating: Artist and Maker Practitioner Residences in Public Spaces, 6 - 8th April 2011, Victoria and Albert Museum. (Unpublished)

Dibosa, David["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Walsh, Victoria["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Dewdney, Andrew (2012) Post-critical museology: theory and practice in the art museum. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 978-0-415-60601-1, 978-0-415-60600-4

Dibosa, David["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Dewdney, Andrew["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Walsh, Victoria (2010) Cultural inequality, multicultural nationalism and global diversity: Tate encounters: Britishness and visual culture. In: Beyond Cultural Diversity: The Case for Creativity. A Third Text Report . Routledge on behalf of Black Umbrella, London, UK, pp. 81-91. ISBN 978-0-947753-11-5

Dibosa, David (2008) Besides Looking: Patrimony, Perfomativity and Visual Cultures. Tate Research [E]ditions. ISSN 1757-0530

Dibosa, David (2009) Queer Appearances: Gilbert & George's Visual Strategies: The use of studios: Television, art practice and the visual strategies of Gilbert & George. Sexualities, 12 (2). pp. 251-262. ISSN 1363-4607

Davies, Colin["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Parrinder, Monika, Limited Language (2003) Shooting images: photographs from the war in Iraq ...a review (of sorts). Limited Language.

Davies, Colin["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Parrinder, Monika, Limited Language (2006) Silence is white, not golden. Limited Language.

Davies, Colin["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Parrinder, Monika, Limited Language (2008) A tale of (at least) two cities. Limited Language.

Cussans, John (2010) Invisible mirrors. [Show/Exhibition]

Cussans, John (2011) Revolutionary spirit wars in contemporary Haiti: the case of the monumental pig. Strange Attractor, 4. pp. 23-35. ISSN 9780954805463

Cussans, John (2011) Tele Geto project. In: 22nd Annual Haitian Studies Conference, 4th November 2011, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. (Unpublished)

Cussans, John (2010) Tele geto 2: Globe Town speaks back. [Show/Exhibition]

Cook, Siân (2009) Embedded Designers. Visual:design:scholarship, 4 (1). ISSN 1833-2226

Cook, Christopher (2009) After Libeskind - A Museum for the Twenty-first Century. In: UAL Professorial Platform Series 2008-09, 11 June 2009, London College of Fashion, 20 John Prince's Street, London W1G 0BJ.

Cole, Sarah["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Eggebert, Anne (2010) Flights of fancy … the suburban Essex landscape. In: Emerging Landscapes, 25-27 June 2010, London, UK.

Cole, Sarah["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Eggebert, Anne (2010) Folly - representation of the performing body in the (new) historic landscape. In: Theatre Applications, 21-23 April 2010, London, UK.

Cole, Sarah (2011) Articulating Value: finding a common language between artists and our worlds of practice. In: Socially Engaged Arts Practice and New Model Visual Arts Organisations: a Trailblazer Symposium, 23 March 2011, Liverpool, UK.

Cole, Sarah (2010) Flying Buoys and Fat Girl’s Parlour. Shaping Sculpture, open publication 03 (03). pp. 3-4.

Clarke, Leigh (2008) No Letters. [Show/Exhibition]

Clarke, Leigh (2010) State Your Business, Lokaal 01, Breda. [Show/Exhibition]

Campkin, Ben["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Ross, Rebecca (2012) Negotiating the City Through Google Street View. In: Camera Constructs: Photography, Architecture and the Modern City. Ashgate, London, UK, pp. 147-157. ISBN 9781409421450

Caldwell, Cath["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Zeppaterra, Yolanda (2014) Editorial Design: Digital and Print. Laurence King Publishing, London. ISBN 9781780671642

Bestley, Russell["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Noble, Ian (2011) Visual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design. Required Reading Range: Course Reader, 2nd Ed . AVA Academia, Europe and USA. ISBN 9782940411603

Bamford, Anne (2003) Visual Literacy and New Technologies. Project Report. New Media Consortium.

Baker, Karl (2008) Museum Theatrum: The Caprice of documenta 12. Journal of Visual Culture, 7 (2). pp. 252-262. ISSN 1470-4129

Baines, Jess["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Cook, Siân["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Credland, Tony["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Eysler, Adriana["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Kassir, Leila["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Rallis, Tzortzis, Design Activism Research Hub (DARH) (2015) Radical Attic. [Show/Exhibition]

Bailey, Paul["lib/metafield:join_ualname" not defined]Wiersma, Yeb (2014) Let's Go Out! [Performance]

Anderson, Peter (2004) Advertising Campaign. [Art/Design Item]

Allsop, Douglas (2006) Binnen/Buiten. [Show/Exhibition]

Allsop, Douglas (2004) Nine Reflective Editors. [Show/Exhibition]

Allsop, Douglas (2006) Solo Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

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