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Items where Subject is "Photography"

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Al-Ani, Jananne (1991) Untitled, gulf war work. [Art/Design Item]


Williams, Val (1994) Who's looking at the family? Barbican Art Gallery, London. ISBN 978-0946372324

Hunter, Tom (1994) The Ghetto Series. [Art/Design Item]


Hutchinson, Tim and Edwards, Jason (1995) Self Storage. [Art/Design Item]


Hunter, Tom (1996) Travellers. [Art/Design Item]


Hunter, Tom (1997) Persons unknown. [Art/Design Item]


Sutherland, Patrick (2000) Spiti The Forbidden Valley. Network Photographers, London UK. ISBN 0953675637

Hutchinson, Tim and Edwards, Jason (2000) Top Shop Unique, Exhibition design and promotional materials. [Art/Design Item]

Hunter, Tom (2000) Life and Death in Hackney. [Art/Design Item]

Diprose, Graham (2000) Riverscape dissolve. [Art/Design Item]

Bevan, Paul (2000) Exit. [Art/Design Item]

Bevan, Paul (2000) Galerie. [Art/Design Item]


Schaaf, Larry (2001) Sun Pictures Catalogues - Series of catalogues (17 to date), each volume containing exacting reproductions of rare photographs, produced to standards suitable for reference. [Art/Design Item]

Leister, Wiebke (2001) Theaterszene-Jahrbuch Köln 2001. Theaterszene-Jahrbuch Köln . M7 Verlag, Cologne. ISBN 3934511031

Gregory, Joy (2001) Cinderella Tours Europe. [Art/Design Item]

Gregory, Joy (2001) The Handbag Project. [Art/Design Item]

Edwards, Elizabeth (2001) Raw Histories: Photographs, Anthropology and Museums. Berg, Oxford. ISBN 1859734979

Cattrell, Peter (2001) Terrain: Landscapes of the Great War. [Show/Exhibition]

Bevan, Paul (2001) Interval. [Art/Design Item]


von Zwehl, Bettina (2002) Profiles Series I, II and III (Profiles I 2001; Profiles II 2002; Profiles III 2005-6). [Art/Design Item]

Wylie, Gus (2002) When the evening mist surrounds us. [Art/Design Item]

Williams, Val (2002) Martin Parr: Photographic Work 1970-2000. [Show/Exhibition]

Schaaf, Larry (2002) "In Focus: William Henry Fox Talbot: Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum". Getty Trust Publications. ISBN 0892366605

Kul-want, Christopher and Yass, Catherine (2002) Horse's Rear; After Garicault. [Art/Design Item]

Fernandes, Gavin (2002) Englisheritage: a photographic installation. [Show/Exhibition]

Barber, Ed (2002) In the City. [Show/Exhibition]

Barber, Ed (2002) Teenage Kicks 15-18. [Show/Exhibition]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2002) Scenes and Types. In: Home Works:A forum on cultural practices in the region Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria., 2nd-7th April, 2002, Beirut, Lebanon.

Al-Ani, Jananne (2002) Untitled. [Art/Design Item]


Yass, Catherine (2003) Split Sides (Merce Cunningham 50th Anniversary commission). [Art/Design Item]

Sutherland, Patrick and Hutchings, Roger (2003) No Heroes: The photographs of Roger Hutchings. The London Institute, London, UK. ISBN 0 9539967 2 7

Leister, Wiebke (2003) Ethics of Photographic Portraiture. In: Ethisierung – Ethikferne; Wieviel Ethik braucht die Wissenschaft? Akademie Verlag, Berlin, pp. 160-176. ISBN 3-05-003855-1

Leister, Wiebke (2003) Laughing in the Face of the Enemy. [Show/Exhibition]

Lebas, Chrystel (2003) L'espace temps (Time in space). Azure Publishing. ISBN 0954647807

Hunter, Tom (2003) Headlines. [Art/Design Item]

Hunter, Tom (2003) Thoughts of life and death. [Art/Design Item]

Hargreaves, Roger (2003) Circling the Square: Trafalgar Square Through the Camera. [Show/Exhibition]

Dunhill, Mark and O'Brien, Tamiko (2003) Examples in Sculpture. [Show/Exhibition]

Diprose, Graham and Seabourne, Mike and Cannings, Peter (2003) London Riverscape. [Art/Design Item]

Davies, Colin and Parrinder, Monika, Limited Language (2003) Shooting images: photographs from the war in Iraq ...a review (of sorts). Limited Language.

Davidmann, Sara (2003) Crossing the Line. Dewi Lewis Publishing, England. ISBN 1-899235-39-6

Davidmann, Sara (2003) nu-gender. [Art/Design Item]

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2003) Inside Outside. Third Text, 18 (6). pp. 657-665. ISSN 09528822

Cattrell, Peter (2003) Threave. [Art/Design Item]

Barber, Ed (2003) 30/30 Vision. [Show/Exhibition]


von Zwehl, Bettina (2004) ALINA - 12 portrait photographs. [Art/Design Item]

von Zwehl, Bettina (2004) RAIN - A series of photographic portraits. [Art/Design Item]

Williams, Val (2004) "When We Were Young: Derek Ridgers: Club and Street Portraits 1978-1987". Photoworks, Brighton. ISBN 190379613X

Swinson, James (2004) SE11 (re)generations: an exploration of the city in flux. In: Fixed Architecture, Incompleteness and Change, 7-8th April 2004, School of Architecture, Design and Environment, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK. (Unpublished)

Kriel, Charles (2004) Noise, artifact and the uncanny in large scale digital photographic practice. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Kesseler, Rob and Harley, Madeline (2004) Pollen, the Hidden Sexuality of Flowers. Papadakis, London. ISBN 1901092674

Hunter, Tom (2004) Swan songs series. [Art/Design Item]

Hart, Janice and Edwards, Elizabeth (2004) Photographs Objects Histories: On the Materiality of Images. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group. ISBN 0415254418

Hart, Janice (2004) The Girl No One Knew: photographs, narratives, and secrets in modern fiction. Mosaic a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature, volume (number). pp. 111-126. ISSN 00271276

Gregory, Joy (2004) Objects of Beauty. Chris Boot and Autograph. ISBN 0954281349

Diprose, Graham (2004) The Big Picture. [Art/Design Item]

Dines, Naomi (2004) Island. [Art/Design Item]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2004) The Visit. [Art/Design Item]


Wylie, Gus (2005) Stewart boat builders in North Uist, in the Western Isles of Scotland - 1974/2004. [Art/Design Item]

Williams, Val and Hart, Janice (2005) Directory of Photographic Collections in the UK.

Williams, Val and Crabbe, Lorna and Thomas, Laura (2005) Private Museum. [Art/Design Item]

Tran, John (2005) From Yokohama to Manchuria: a photography-based investigation of nostalgia in the construction of Japanese landscape. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Stephens, T (2005) Contemporary Photography and Innovative Image Technology Applied to New Architecture and the Conservation of Historic Interiors - 8 photographs exhibited. [Art/Design Item]

Reid, Clunie (2005) God is bored of us II. [Show/Exhibition]

Newth, Martin (2005) Slow Burn. [Art/Design Item]

Lowe, Paul (2005) Bosnians. [Art/Design Item]

Leister, Wiebke and Williams, Val (2005) Family Archives Lost and Found. [Show/Exhibition]

Lardinois, Brigitte and Williams, Val (2005) Magnum Ireland. Thames and Hudson. ISBN 0500543038

Ingham, Mark and Beech, Amanda and Poole, Matthew and Joseph-Lester, Jaspar and Marshall, Mike and Henry, Julie and Jones, Alison and Kulkarni, Nayan and Miranda Bilbao, Jasone and Perry, Giles (2005) Episode. [Show/Exhibition]

Ingham, Mark (2005) AFTERIMAGES: Photographs as an External Autobiographical Memory System and a Contemporary Art Practice. PhD thesis, Goldsmiths College.

Ingham, Mark (2005) Episode: an exhibition of new lens-based work by 9 London-based artists. [Show/Exhibition]

Hock, Katja Kerstin (2005) The absent Presence of the Subject: an investigation of the place of the individual in the modem hospital through a photographic practice, which refers to German photographic discourses. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Hilton, Kathy (2005) Teaching and Professional Fellowship Report 2004/5 : An Investigation into the feasibility of developing a Virtual Newsroom - An e-learning tool for journalism. Project Report. University of the Arts London, London.

Edwards, Elizabeth (2005) Photographs and the Sound of History. Visual Anthropology Review, 21 (1). pp. 27-46. ISSN 15487458

Diprose, Graham and Cannings, Peter and Layton, Peter (2005) Liquid light and silicon dreams. [Art/Design Item]

Cattrell, Peter (2005) Photography : Foundation Course. Cassell Illustrated, UK. ISBN 9781844032211

Cattrell, Peter (2005) Scottish Parliament. [Art/Design Item]

Caruana, Natasha (2005) The Other Woman. [Show/Exhibition]

Bevan, Paul (2005) Branded Works. [Art/Design Item]


Tallentire, Anne (2006) Arena Industriale. [Art/Design Item]

Sutherland, Patrick (2006) No Place for Men. [Art/Design Item]

Newth, Martin (2006) Solar Cinema. [Art/Design Item]

Leister, Wiebke (2006) Unjoyful Laughter and the Non-Likeness of Photographic Portraiture. PhD thesis, Royal College of Art, London.

Leister, Wiebke (2006) Wiebke Leister. In: Photography Final Degree Show 2006. Royal College of Art, London.

Lebas, Chrystel (2006) Between Dog and Wolf. Azure Publishing. ISBN 0954647815

Kesseler, Rob and Stuppy, Wolfgang (2006) Seeds: time capsules of life. Papadakis. ISBN 9781901092660

Kesseler, Rob (2006) The power of x2 : a botanical collaboration. infocus Magazine (The Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society) (2). pp. 4-17. ISSN 1750-4740

Hunter, Tom (2006) Living in hell and other stories. [Art/Design Item]

Fass, John, Arup ingegneria multidisciplinare (2006) Il Palasport di Torino. Motta Architettura, Milano. ISBN 88-6116-001-8

Edwards, Elizabeth and Peter, James (2006) A Record of England: Sir Benjamin Stone and the National Photographic Association 1897-1910. Dewi Lewis / V&A Publications, UK. ISBN 1904587372

Dobai, Sarah (2006) Sarah Dobai, Photographs and Filmworks. [Show/Exhibition]

Denton, Beatrice (2006) Modern Day Miracles. [Art/Design Item]

Clayman, John (2006) Empty Frames (artist's book). [Art/Design Item]

Al-Ani, Jananne (2006) Untitled I to VI. [Art/Design Item]


Williams, Val and Bright, Susan (2007) How We Are: Photographing Britain. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, Val (2007) Anna Fox monograph. Photoworks, Brighton. ISBN 1903796172

Wainwright, Chris (2007) Refusal. [Art/Design Item]

Taylor, Roger and Schaaf, Larry (2007) Impressed by Light: British Photographs from Paper Negatives, 1840-1860. Yale University Press, in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., USA. ISBN 0300124058, 9780300124057

Sutherland, Patrick (2007) Home: the Elephant and Castle. [Show/Exhibition]

Sutherland, Patrick (2007) "Permanent Archive of Spiti Photographs at The British Library". [Art/Design Item]

Simonson, Caryn (2007) Esther and Lyn with The Cossack, at The Yard, London. [Art/Design Item]

Simonson, Caryn (2007) Textile transporter. [Show/Exhibition]

Pollard, Jennifer (2007) "We Will Keep Looking": Digital Representations of 9/11. The International Journal of the Humanities, 4 (5). pp. 11-17. ISSN 1447-9508

Lardinois, Brigitte and Williams, Val and Silas, Robin (2007) "An Exploration of the Work of Ian Berry, UK Photojournalist From Early 60's till the Present". [Show/Exhibition]

Lardinois, Brigitte (2007) Magnum Magnum, Portrait of Magnum at Its 60th Anniversary. Thames and Hudson, London. ISBN 9780500543429

Kane, Alan and Spender, Humphrey (2007) Alan Kane and Humphrey Spender. [Show/Exhibition]

Haworth-Booth, Mark (2007) The Art of Lee Miller. [Show/Exhibition]

Haworth-Booth, Mark (2007) The Genius of Photography - consultant on a six-part series for BBCTV4 from Wall to Wall Media Ltd. [Art/Design Item]

Hamann, Sigune (2007) The Moment We Knew Nothing of Each Other. [Show/Exhibition]

Edwards, Elizabeth (2007) Samuel Butler's Photography: Observation and the Dynamic Past. In: Samuel Butler, Victorian Against the Grain: a Critical Overview. University of Toronto Press, Canada, pp. 251-286. ISBN 0802097456

Diprose, Graham and Robins, Jeff (2007) In the Footsteps of Henry Taunt: tourning exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Diprose, Graham and Robins, Jeff (2007) The River Thames Revisited. Frances Lincoln Limited. ISBN 978-0711227651

Diprose, Graham (2007) Dance collaboration. [Art/Design Item]

Davidmann, Sara (2007) Visualising the Transexual Self: Photography, Strategies, and Identities. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Collins, Jane and Pavelka, Michael (2007) Stages calling: Photographs from the Market Theatre by Ruphin Coudyzer. [Show/Exhibition]

Clark, Edmund (2007) Still Life Killing Time. Dewi Lewis Publishing, Stockport. ISBN 978-1-904587-53-8

Behr, Bernd (2007) Amoy Gardens. [Show/Exhibition]

Barber, Ed (2007) Visual Athletics Club. [Show/Exhibition]

Alexander, Gary (2007) Cornershop - it's a BARGAIN! TWO for the price of ONE! [Art/Design Item]


van Kesteren, Geert and Gruiters, Jan and Lardinois, Brigitte (2008) Baghdad Calling: Reports from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. In: Baghdad Calling: Reports from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. post editions, pp. 11-14.

fitzPatrick, Edwina (2008) An Orchid Collection. [Show/Exhibition]

Wainwright, Chris (2008) If you believe they put a man on the moon. [Art/Design Item]

Tulloch, Carol (2008) Photographic Archives and Dress History. In: Nostalgia Symposium, 26th June 2008, Winchester School of Art. (Unpublished)

Sutherland, Patrick (2008) Community: The Elephant and Castle. The Elephant Vanishes, 2 . London College of Communication, London, UK. ISBN 9780954807450

Sutherland, Patrick (2008) Community: the Elephant and Castle. [Show/Exhibition]

Sutherland, Patrick (2008) Home: the Elephant and Castle. The Elephant Vanishes, 1 . London College of Communication, London, UK. ISBN 9780954807443

Simonson, Caryn (2008) On crafting humanity: an interview with Margi Geerlinks. Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture, 6 (3). pp. 274-285. ISSN 14759756

Rubinstein, Daniel and Sluis, Katrina (2008) A Life More Photographic, Mapping the Networked Image. Photographies, 1 (1). pp. 9-29. ISSN 1754-0763 (Print), 1754-0771 (Online)

Moore, David (2008) The Last Things. Dewi Lewis, Stockport, England. ISBN 9781904587668

Leister, Wiebke and Lomax, Yve (2008) Meanwhile (featuring 'Eigenzeit' and 'Hals über Kopf'). Source: Photographic Review, 54. pp. 26-35. ISSN 1369-2224

Leister, Wiebke (2008) Lovers, Liars and Laughter. Fieldstudy, 11 . Photography and the Archive Research Centre, London.

Leister, Wiebke (2008) 'Lovers, Liars and Laughter', performance. [Performance]

Leister, Wiebke (2008) Performing Laughter: Duchenne's Smile in the Light of Photographic Practice. About Performance, 8. pp. 209-228. ISSN 1324-6089

Kesseler, Rob and Stuppy, Wolfgang (2008) Fruit: edible, inedible, incredible. Papadakis, London. ISBN 9781901092745

Kesseler, Rob (2008) A new phytopia. infocus Magazine (The Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society) (10). pp. 31-61. ISSN 1750-4740

Ingham, Mark (2008) Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae (120 Days and Nights of Staggering and Stammering). [Show/Exhibition]

Hodes, Charlotte (2008) When photography and drawing meet fashion. [Show/Exhibition]

Hamann, Sigune (2008) I’ll walk alone - you’ll never walk alone. [Show/Exhibition]

Hamann, Sigune (2008) Undercurrent. [Show/Exhibition]

Hamann, Sigune (2008) Very Short Space of Time Through Very Short Times of Space. [Show/Exhibition]

Green, Alison (2008) What Remains. In: Trevor Appleson: los loss. Photographs made in Mexico. Booth-Clibborn, London, i-xvi. ISBN 9781861543066

Dobai, Sarah (2008) Figuring landscapes. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2008) Sarah Dobai: new photographs and a film. [Show/Exhibition]

Davidmann, Sara and Croft, Simon (2008) Trans Lives: Presenting the (Extra) Ordinary. [Show/Exhibition]

Clark, Edmund (2008) Still Life Killing Time. [Art/Design Item]

Caruana, Natasha (2008) Married Man (2008 - 2009). [Show/Exhibition]


Williams, Val and Lardinois, Brigitte (2009) Photographs from the Glyndebourne Opera archive, 1934–1939. Photography and Culture, 2 (1). pp. 89-94. ISSN 17514517

Williams, Anne (2009) Identity Crisis. Photographies, 2 (2). pp. 125-133. ISSN 1754-0763 (Print), 1754-0771 (Online)

Wainwright, Chris (2009) Red Ice - White Ice. [Art/Design Item]

Wainwright, Chris (2009) Semaphores. [Art/Design Item]

Tulloch, Carol (2009) Just One Shot. In: MA Photography Lecture, 12th March 2009, University of Bolton, UK. (Unpublished)

Trangmar, Susan (2009) A Forest of Signs: Imagining Trees in the Contemporary Urban Environment. [Art/Design Item]

Rubinstein, Daniel (2009) Digitally Yours; The Body in Contemporary Photography. The Issues in Contemporary Culture and Aesthetics, 2&3. pp. 181-195. ISSN 0955003725

Rubinstein, Daniel (2009) Towards Photographic Education. Photographies, 2 (2). pp. 135-142. ISSN 1754-0763 (Print), 1754-0771 (Online)

Reid, Clunie (2009) Take No Photographs, Leave Only Ripples. [Art/Design Item]

O'Riley, Tim (2009) Acts of seeing. In: Acts of Seeing: Artists, scientists and the history of the visual, a volume dedicated to Martin Kemp. Zidane Press, London, UK. ISBN 9780955485084

O'Riley, Tim (2009) www.timoriley.net. [Art/Design Item]

Leister, Wiebke (2009) Apropos Laughter in Photography. In: Fotografie im Diskurs performativer Kulturen. Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. 52-67. ISBN 978-3-939583-42-4

Leister, Wiebke (2009) 'Ever After', facade installation E&C. [Show/Exhibition]

Leister, Wiebke (2009) The Grain of the Voice. [Show/Exhibition]

Lardinois, Brigitte and Williams, Val (2009) Glyndebourne: a visual history. Glyndebourne, UK. ISBN 9781847248657

Lardinois, Brigitte (2009) Eve Arnold's People. Thames & Hudson, London. ISBN 9780500543719

Hunter, Tom and Pulver, Andrew (2009) Tom Hunter's best shot. The Guardian.

Hunter, Tom (2009) Flashback. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2009) Hackney Fandango. [Art/Design Item]

Doron, Itai and Beard, Jason and Szabo, Joseph (2009) Yassin. Other Criteria, London. ISBN 978-1-904212-48-5

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Darkside II: power and violence, disease and death photographed. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Now you see it. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Studio/location photographs. [Art/Design Item]

Dobai, Sarah (2009) Theatres of the real. [Show/Exhibition]

Denton, Beatrice (2009) Soul imaging. [Art/Design Item]

Davidmann, Sara (2009) Censored. [Art/Design Item]

Davidmann, Sara (2009) In/visible genders. [Show/Exhibition]

Davidmann, Sara (2009) Reimag(in)ing somasex. [Show/Exhibition]

Cook, Steve (2009) Secret origins, real comic book heroes. [Show/Exhibition]

Cobbing, William (2009) Bamiyan Mirror. [Art/Design Item]

Clark, Edmund (2009) Solo Show: Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out, British Journal of Photography International Photography Award. [Show/Exhibition]

Caruana, Natasha (2009) Clandestine Purse. [Show/Exhibition]

Beard, Sophie (2009) Collecting Collects: The Family Photograph in the British Newspaper. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.


Young, Carey (2010) Redshift series. [Art/Design Item]

Wynne, John (2010) Anspayaxw. [Art/Design Item]

Wynne, John (2010) Artist Talk by John Wynne. In: Artist Talk by John Wynne, July 2010, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver. (Unpublished)

Williams, Val and Wilde, Jason (2010) Jason Wilde free photographic studio. [Show/Exhibition]

Williams, Val, Fotonow (2010) Cameras in the community. In: Cameras in the community symposium, 09 December 2010, Plymouth, UK.

Williams, Val (2010) The Daniel Meadows Archive: The shop on Graeme Street, 1972. Photography and Culture, 3 (1). pp. 81-90. ISSN 17514517

Williams, Val (2010) Looking for the Ordinary: British documentary photography. In: Krakow Photomonth 2010, 04-31 May 2010, Krakow, Poland.

Williams, Val (2010) The casting of the real: Mohamed Bourouissa. Foam International Photography Magazine (23). pp. 52-54. ISSN 15704874

Veness, Alex (2010) The game of war. [Performance]

Sutherland, Patrick (2010) Disciples of A Crazy Saint The Buchen of Spiti. [Show/Exhibition]

Sutherland, Patrick (2010) Disciples of a crazy saint: the Buchen of Spiti. [Show/Exhibition]

Stephens, Tim (2010) What is rhythm in relation to photography? Philosophy of Photography, 1 (2). pp. 157-175. ISSN 2040-3682

Silva, Corinne (2010) Imported Landscapes. [Show/Exhibition]

Seitz, Dallas (2010) Shot. [Show/Exhibition]

Rughani, Pratap (2010) Are you a vulture? Reflecting on the ethics and aesthetics of atrocity coverage and its aftermath. In: Peace Journalism, War and Conflict Resolution. Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 157-172. ISBN 9781433107252/9781433107269

Ruggaber, Karin (2010) Villas. The Block, London, UK. ISBN 9780956675705

Ruggaber, Karin (2010) Yesilyurt and Karin Ruggaber in conversation with Megan O’Shea. P.E.A.R. (Paper for Emerging Architectural Research) (2). pp. 20-26. ISSN 2041-2878

Reid, Clunie (2010) Your Higher Plane Awaits. [Art/Design Item]

Redd, Denise (2010) The hidden project. [Show/Exhibition]

Pollen, Annebella (2010) Identity, Memory, Compassion and Competition: Mass-Participation Photography and Everyday Life. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.

Orta, Lucy (2010) Mapping the invisible: Eu-Roma Gypsies. Black Dog Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9781906155919, 1906155917

O'Riley, Tim (2010) Accidental journey. Ponsonby Press, London, UK. ISBN 9780956228604

O'Riley, Tim (2010) (From) A to B (and back). Printed Project (13). pp. 18-23. ISSN 16494075

O'Kane, Paul (2010) The Time Before That. eeodo, London.

Moore, David (2010) The Last Things. [Show/Exhibition]

Moore, David, Diaphane association (2010) Office. [Show/Exhibition]

Lowe, Paul (2010) Antiphotojournalism. [Show/Exhibition]

Lowe, Paul (2010) Rescuers. [Show/Exhibition]

Leister, Wiebke (2010) Figuring Out, Taking Shape, Facing In. [Show/Exhibition]

Leister, Wiebke (2010) Mona Lisa on a Bad Day: Or the Impossibility of Neutrality and the Non-Likeness of Photographic Portraiture. Journal of Photography and Culture, 3 (2). pp. 153-174. ISSN 17514517

Leister, Wiebke (2010) The Skinned City. [Show/Exhibition]

Lange, Silke (2010) Learning through creative conversations. In: Teaching Creativity - Creativity in Teaching. Libri Publishing, Oxfordshire, pp. 173-187. ISBN 978-1-907471-17-9

Kesseler, Rob (2010) Canopy. [Show/Exhibition]

Kesseler, Rob (2010) Lusciousness - flora and the crafted image in a digital environment. Professorial Platform Lecture, University of the Arts London (Unpublished)

Kesseler, Rob (2010) Lusciousness - flora and the crafted image in a digital environment. In: UAL Professorial Platform Series 2009-10, 3 March 2010, Cochrane Theatre, Central Saint Martins, Southampton Row, Camden, London WC1B 4AP.

Kesseler, Rob (2010) Selwood living landscape. [Show/Exhibition]

Ingham, Mark (2010) Holes in Venice. [Art/Design Item]

Hunter, Tom and Smyth, Diane (2010) Think global, act local. British Jounal of Photography, 157 (7781). pp. 54-59. ISSN 0007-1196

Hunter, Tom and Pickering, Sarah and Shafran, Nigel and Chandler, David (2010) Panel Discussion: Theatres of the Real. In: Panel Discussion: Theatres of the Real, 2 June 2011, Host Gallery, London.

Hunter, Tom (2010) Community Halls. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2010) The Ghetto. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2010) Murder, two men wanted. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2010) Persons Unknown. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom, Portfolio Magazine (2010) Prayer Places features in Portfolio Magazine. Portfolio, 52 (52). pp. 58-63. ISSN 1354-4446

Hunter, Tom (2010) Prayer places. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2010) Unheralded Stories. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter, Tom (2010) The Way Home. [Art/Design Item]

Hunter, Tom (2010) A palace for us. [Show/Exhibition]

Hedman, Sofia and Kling, Karolina and Williams, Gemma A. (2010) Shades down in Tokyo Town. [Art/Design Item]

Green, Alison (2010) Believing in the devil: Caitlin Duennebier. Source Photographic Review, 64. pp. 40-49. ISSN 1369-2224

Fricker, Anna (2010) 4th International Conference on: Preservation and Conservation Issues in Digital Printing and Digital Photography. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 231 (1). Institute of Physics. ISBN 1742-6596

Finch, Mick (2010) Bare Life: tableaux 2009-2010. [Show/Exhibition]

Finch, Mick (2010) Fragments, openness and contradiction in painting and photography. In: Research Symposium 1, 27 November 2010, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. (Unpublished)

Fernandes, Gavin (2010) British Asian Style: Fashion & Textiles / Past & Present - Portfolio by Gavin Fernandes. In: British Asian Style: Fashion & Textiles / Past & Present. V&A Publishing, London, pp. 88-105. ISBN 9781851776191

Evans, Sian (2010) False memory sydrome. [Show/Exhibition]

Doron, Itai and Perry, Martin (2010) Spotlight: Itai Doron, photographer, London UK. Out There, 2. pp. 12-17. ISSN 20439210

Doron, Itai (2010) Keep me posted. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah and Durden, Mark (2010) Mark Durden interviews Sarah Dobai. Source Photographic Review (64). ISSN 1369-2224

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Peeping Tom. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Splitting in two. [Show/Exhibition]

Dobai, Sarah (2010) Splitting in two. [Show/Exhibition]

Davidmann, Sara (2010) Beyond borders: lived experiences of atypically gendered transsexual people. In: Transgender Identities: Towards a Social Analysis of Gender Diversity. Routledge Research in Gender and Society . Routledge, New York, London, pp. 186-207. ISBN 9780415999304

Davidmann, Sara (2010) Jason and the Birth of Laurie Joe. [Art/Design Item]

Davidmann, Sara (2010) Queer conceptions: procreation beyond gender: a photographic essay. In: Queer Again? Power, Politics and Ethics, 23 - 25 September 2010, Berlin, Germany. (Unpublished)

Cross, David and Cornford, Matthew (2010) The Treason of Images (2001/2010). [Art/Design Item]

Cook, Siân (2010) Honest and True? Authenticity in the visual representation of gay relationships in HIV/AIDS health promotion. The Everyday Experiment, 1 (1). pp. 64-70. ISSN 2045-1180

Cobbing, William (2010) Man in the Planet. [Show/Exhibition]

Clark, Edmund (2010) Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out. Dewi Lewis Publishing, Stockport. ISBN 978-1-904587-96-5

Clark, Edmund (2010) Solo Exhibition: Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out. [Show/Exhibition]

Clark, Edmund (2010) Solo Exhibition: Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out. [Show/Exhibition]

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Finch, Mick (2024) One-Thing-After-Another. [Show/Exhibition]

Finch, Mick (2024) Tableaux II: Painting as Stage. [Show/Exhibition]

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